Felt MacBook Air Sleeve

This is an interesting concept for the owners of the Apple MacBook Air or any other computer that has an eleven inch display and is very thin indeed. The sleeve is hand made and produced from a high quality wool felt which is almost guaranteed to protect the computer from scratches and marks, it also looks great too!

These are the details for the Hampshire MacBook Air Sleeve;

All sleeves are handmade in my studio in Hamburg.

Design and manufacturing

Dipl. Designer

Clemens Burkert


100% wool felt and around 1/8″ thick

100% vegetable tanned leather

Snap & rivet from Prym (nickelfree)


Felt: Gray

Leather: Dark brown

This sleeve fits: 11″ MacBook AIR which is 0.11 – 0.68″ x 11.8″ x 7.56″ (0,3 – 1,7cm x 29,95cm x 19,2cm)

Priced at $69.52

Source [Computer World]

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