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LePad to become the Skylight


Lenovo have been selling their LePad tablet device in China for a while a now, but it seems that this device could be heading for US shores soon with the paperwork and images already at the FCC for approval.

But there is one major change, the LePad will be known as the Skylight in the US, personally being European I like LePad, it’s a bit like Le Royale with cheese.

These are the specs and features for the Leno

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BenQ launch the R100 tablet


BenQ have been known in the past for producing monitors and yet recently the firm has launched a netbook and now a tablet device, but so far it seems that these devices are destined for the China market only, which is shame because these devices are really very good.

These are the specs and details that the buyer can expect to find on the BenQ R100 tablet device, 10.1 inch LCD displ

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Samsung tease with Galaxy image


The latest 8.9 inch tablet from Samsung is a bit of a mystery at the moment, with not much info or images to go we can only speculate on what it is going to be looking at on the 22nd March when the Samsung Galaxy Tab or whatever it is going to be called is launched.

But not to miss out on an opportunity, Samsung are not likely to allow the likes of Apple get the jump on them, so they

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Tablet that looks like iPhone



This design or concept would not be unusual these days, in fact, there are plenty of devices that have a similar look to a phone. But this is not a tablet it is in fact a netbook, now that has got your attention, what is it?

It is a netbook that has been seen in China, were else! However, this is an interesting idea and it is a device that comes with all of the features that you would expect t

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Archos Launch New Tablets