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Will Google Launch a Tablet?


It has to be a fair bet that Google will be eyeing up the tablet market especially as there appears to be some issues brewing between Apple and Google, probably because the Google set of tools are overlapping with the Apple products. So with the launch of the Nexus, wouldn’t it seem fair that the one step up would be the Google

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ExoPC Slate Table PC


It is a bit of mouthful the title, but then again ExoPC is a French firm so you can expect a little bit of Euro talk on this one.

The slate or tablet whatever you want to call it will be in the ball park with Apple and MSI, but this device is somewhat more expensive that the base models of the Apple and MSI tablets.

This version comes with a nice 8.9 inch multitouch display, Windows 7 OS, and comes with a 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom N270 processor.

The specs of the ExoPC Slate Tablet PC are:

8.9 inch multitouch display, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, Windows 7 OS, a

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The Digital Rise X9


This is the Digital Rise X9, is comes along with Windows 7 and a nice 10.2 inch display. One of the main things about these devices is the battery, the standard battery will last around four hours it’s not good but workable.


•Portable Multimedia PC with large Hi-Def 10.2″ Colour Multi Touch screen (1024×680)

•Windows 7.0 O/S

•Well designed and user-friendly with a compact form factor

•Pre-loaded with office file viewing applications, communication software and NES games emulator

•Superb wireless functionality with wi

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The Netbook Navigator


It is about time that a device came out carrying a decent name and the Netbook Navigator is one of those devices. It has an 8.9 inch display with multi touch and can easily connect to the internet through a wireless system.


Genuine Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium


8.9″ “Multi-Touch” Enabled Screen (Custom Installation) 1024×600 Resolution Low-Pressure Resistive TFT LCD


Intel ATOM N270 1.6GHz

Intel 945GSE+ICH7M Chipset

Intel GMA950 Video Card


2GB onboard

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Crunchpad bites the dust


The Crunchpad was a project formed by the founder of Techcrunch, Michael Arrington. It was supposed to produce a twelve inch tablet style computing device, it would have had some storage, possibly would be using Intel Atom processors, so what went wrong then?

First up would be the price tag of around $300, there are plenty of devices in that zone already and some that offer a lot more for less. There also seemed to have been an issues between the firm that Michael has partnered with, could they have wanted it all for themselves?

Whatever the issues, the Crunchpad is dead and l

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Tablet device from Apple in 2010


It has been a long time coming and yet still we find that the wait is going to go on for a while longer maybe deep into 2010, it is a disappointment but as with the iPhone, it has just got to be worth the wait, hasn’t it?


So what can we expect to get from this device, well it is going to be down to the ARM processor is the device going to be based around this technology, even though A

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Review of the Motion J3400 Tablet

Review of the Motion J3400 Tablet

For people that use tablets they will know that the battery runs down pretty quickly which is a bit of a pain, they normally run out of battery when the user is halfway though something. With dual battery compartments, this machine will last all day long. But what makes this special is its toughness, this tablet can take being dropped of course this doesn’t mean that the user can drop it all of the time, once is enough.


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