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HP Prepares first webOS Tablet


There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the webOS Tablet from HP, but as of yet there has not been anything concrete as to what we can expect from such a device and more importantly when it is likely to appear on the shelves of the retailers.

However, that has all changed now, following the announcement from the BMO Capital Markets analyst, Keith Bachman, who has managed to mee

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The HP Slate 500 video and specs


When a new product promises to upstage the market, we want to know about it and some folks go about it in different ways, like those who posted a video of the said tablet on YouTube, this clearly shows that the device is in the making and that prototypes have been made.

However, disappointingly, it seems that the YouTube video poster has now elected to remove the video cannot think why!

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HP Slate revealed


There has not been a proper view of the HP Slate tablet device, unless you count that occasion at the CES when CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer took one onto the stage with him. However, since then there have been some changes at HP, the main thing being the takeover of Palm and it technology.

Now it seems that a prototype has surfaced and as expected it is running the Windows 7 operating system, has a camera on the back, a sma

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HP + Palm = New Tablets


Having shelled out $1.2 billion on Palm, Hewlett Packard must have some serious plans for the Palm technology such as the WebOS mobile device operating system.

For HP this is change of direction as for many years they are mostly known for producing printers, but now with Palm in their hands it is likely that we are going to see some interesting developments within the smartphone and tablet market, there may even be the possibility of a netbook in there somewhere.

It is debatable who comes out of this better off, Palm were struggling against Apple and Blackberry so it has to be

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The HP Slate Vs The iPad


This is a bit like a battle to end all battles, in one corner is the recently released Apple iPad, while in the other is the soon to be launched HP Slate.

Which device would win in an all out face to face battle?

It seems that someone has already done the homework on the two devices and if we are to believe in the figures given them it would seem that, the HP Slate should be coming out as a clear winner.

Features of the 8.9 inch HP Slate:

8.9 inch 1024 x 600 capacitive multitouch display, a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor with UMA graphics and an accelerator for 1080p

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HP Slate with Flash and Windows


Normally mentioning Flash, HP and Windows with the same line could mean trouble in one way or another.  However, the HP Slate promises to be a device that offers both Flash and Windows 7, which is something else that the Apple iPad is not going to be able to manage in any big way.

There are couple of videos the hammer to point home, the first demos how good the HP Slate is, it compares with the Apple iPad.

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HP Slate goes up against the iPad


When the iPad was launched even the great Steve Jobs could not have foreseen the amount of competition that the device would be up against.

But none have really matched the iPad point for point apart from the HP Slate, this seems to step up to mark and go head to head with the iPad.

Of course there is only on

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