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Hanvon launch the HPad A112


The A112 tablet is an addition to the Hanvon range of tablets, the Hanvon HPad A116 being launched at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas. However, the HPad A112 will be offering a lower screen resolution and slower processor, apart from that the two devices are very similar.

It seems that the Hanvon HPad A112 will be shown off for the first time at the CeBit Show in Germany next month, although it is not expected to be going on sale until the second half of the year, when it will be priced around $545.

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Hanvon launches colour e-reader


The emergence of full colour e-readers has slowed down to a snail’s pace, this is despite the big names such as Amazon and Sony working on their full colour versions but with not real launch date on the horizon.

This has left the only full colour e-reader the Nook Colour from Barnes and Noble with an open market, but in a Press Release from the China based Hanvon, it has emerged that they have a full colour e-reader ready t

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Hanvon demo 7” tablet


This is another tablet that has been on display at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany of all places. The device uses a Marvell processor and can be seen running the Google operating system, Android 1.6 and the design is fairly standard although the colour of the case leaves a lot to be desired.

On one side of the resistive touch screen display; there is a forward facing camera, while on th

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The Hanvon F10 Tablet


No matter where you look it is hard to avoid tablet PC’s they seem to be coming out of everywhere and here is another one from Hanvon the people that brought us the B10, which is more powerful.

The F10 tablet is powered by the Atom processor and so would look like a cheaper or as they say in the trade more economical range of tablets.

Features: Non keyboard & Multi-Touch, Extremely Slim & light design

Item Touchpad

Model No. F10

CPU Intel®Atom Z530 (1.6GHz)

Operation System Windows® 7 Home Premium (32bits)

Memory 1GB (SODIMM

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Hanvon Launch Two Tablets


The electrical firm Hanvon have launched a couple of tablets at the CeBIT event in Germany, these are the BC10C and the BA10E both are running Windows but they very different machines when it comes to what is going on inside. These are completely different tablets to anything that is around at the moment as you get the active digitizer, electromagnetic stylus and a capacitive touch screen too.

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