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Evigroup ship Android powered wallet


This is an interesting concept it is basically a five inch tablet PC, but just to make things complicated they call it a Wallet! Check out the video, it is in French but think of it as one of those continental movies!

Anyway, it is running Android 1.5, which may be an issue, as some apps may not work on it, especially the later ones. 

Here are some of the

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Evigroup Readying 10” Tablet Launch


It is all about tablets these days, with Evigroup preparing the ground for an assault on the tablet market with a serious contender for market domination.

The Evigroup Paddle tablet is a ten inch device that runs what looks to be Windows 7 and happens to be very high in price, which could be a serious mistake.

Features of the Atom based EviGroup 10″ tablet PC:

10.1 inch multitouch tablet with a 1.60GHz Atom CPU, running Windows 7 OS, comes with Wi-Fi, 3G, digital TV tuner, choice of either 160GB to 320GB hard disk and for the SSD a 16GB or 32GB

Priced at ar

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