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The Enso zenPad is not a scam


When you get a lot of consumers sending off pre-orders for products that do not materialise, it has all of the hallmarks of a con and this is what the zenPad from Enso appeared to be. A while ago, the five inch mini tablet was advertised and consumers sent off their orders.

Nothing was heard and it was not looking too good, until now! It is real, but not too brilliant, so it’s not a scam, it is just not a very good device, you give with one and take away with the other!

Here are the specs and features of the 5″ Enso ZenPad:

5 inch diagonally with a resolution of

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Five Inch Tablet For Under $200!


The tablet market expands on a daily basis and as more devices become available, the manufacturers and retailers have to come up with a reason for the consumer to buy a particular brand or model.

But in reality it boils down to a couple of key factors and as price is one of the main reasons for consumer to buy then the Enso zenPad five inch tablet devices could be the answer.

The Enso zenPad costs just $155, it offers a five inch display, 8 Gb of storage and is running Android 1.6, with just $25 for shipping this is a real good deal.

Features of the cool new five inch z

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