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Shenzhen launch the Eken M001


This may look like just another tablet PC; it may even look like a clone of the Apple iPad. But this is no ordinary tablet it is a Shenzhen based Lianhua Electronics Company tablet and it will have a price tag of around $74, yes that’s right, this one beats all other tablets.

Basic details of the wonderfully cheap Eken M001 iPad clone alike:

EKEN M001, the company has priced its tablet for just USD 74! This cheapie features an ARM based 400MHz VIA 8505 chip and comes with 128MB of RAM, 2GB of flash storage, and Android 1.7.2 onboard. To make use of USB and Ethernet ports, th

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The Eken M001 Tablet


This is a tablet that has appeared in China, it has a very stylish design and comes running Googles Android OS. For a tablet is actually does have quite a few interesting specs and can easily show video, music and will surf the internet with Wi-Fi.

However when it comes up against the Apple iPad, t

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