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The Cheapest Tablet Around


We have seen plenty of tablets on the market, some are good and of course, some are not too brilliant, but when it comes to cost there are some variations, but in the main, we can think of $400 as being the average.

Or do we? It seems that one company from China has different ideas, their version of the iPad comes out at about $73, yes that is right, $73 and I’ll have two!

Here are just some of the details of the cheapest tablet:

OS: Google Android

Display: 7-inch resistive touch screen @ 800 x 480

Chipset: VIA 8505

Processor: ARM9 processor based

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Is This An iPad Clone?


If you were looking for a clone of almost anything, China would be the place to go as they have a knack of being able to mimic most technologies.

Well this is the yet to be named tablet from the China based Zenitech and yes it does look an iPad, but what would we be expecting apart from the fact that it has an ARM 1 GHz cortex a8 processor under the hood, which shows that they mean business with this one!

Here are some of the specs and features of the Zenitech tablet:

CPU: 1 GHZ ARM Cortex A8 processor

Display: 10 inch @ 1024 × 600 / 7-inch @ 800 x 480 – c

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