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Archos launch the ARNOVA 8 Android Tablet


The ARNOVA 8 Android Tablet from Archos has been made ready for pre-order, currently the device is being offered at $159.99 instead of the standard price of $169.99. The tablet offers the buyer an eight inch TF

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The Archos ARNOVA Android Tablet


The interesting new addition from French based Archos is the ARNOVA Android Tablet, this will offer the user a handy ten inch TFT LCD High resolution 16 million colours touch screen with virtual keyboard and with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, Flash Memory is 4 to 8 GB which is Extendable via micro SDHC Slot and will be running the Linux, ANDROID 2.1 (Eclair) application framework

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Archos Launch New Tablets


Archos are well known for delivering some good value devices, but as the company launches the Arnova 10 and the Arnova 8 it is the price that takes the headlines.

Arnova 10 is a ten inch resistive touch screen tablet powered by a 600 MHz Rockchip RK2818 CPU but it is likely to be upgraded to the 1GHz ARM CPU in April! It will be running Google’s Android 2.1 operating system and it has 8 Gb of storage, it wil

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Archos launch five new tablets


With five new tablets hitting the market all at once, Archos appear to be going for the carpet bombing principle of attacking the market. Instead of just bring out one device that suits one section of the consumer market, they have opted to launch five models at once in order to cover all aspects of the market. Each model is unique in its own way although there some points where the models specs and features overlap.

Here are s

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Archos Launch More Tablets


Just as we have got used to the five inch Archos 5, they go and bring out the Archos 7 and the Archos 8, which unsurprisingly have seven and eight inch screens, you can work out which one is which!

Both of these machines offer the user ARM 9 processing technology that will run at a cool 600 MHz, both are around 12 mm thick, but differ slightly in appearance, the Archos 8 actually looks more like a digital photo frame, while the Archos 7 takes it form from the Archos 5.

Both units use the Google Android operating system and come with a USB port for east data transfer.


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