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Glasses free 3D with the iPad2


It seems that the iPad2 could be offering more than just coolness in the future as folks over at the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research group seem to have been able to produce a 3D effect in real time!

How good this is will be up for debate, but as it is early days it seems like a good use of the two camera system, check out the video to see what you think!

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CES gets glimpse of iPad2 Case and Mock-up


As the time gets close to when the iPad2 is launched we have been seeing an increase in supposedly genuine cases for the yet to be announced device. However, one of the more credible designs has turned up at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

Not only that, inside the case is a aluminium iPad2 mock up clearly designed to show how the device will fit into the case, but the closet yet to what we t

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Camera Kit For The iPad

3-in-1-ipad-camera-connection-kit (2)

One of the things that iPad users complain about is the lack of a camera, but that could be changing when the new iPad comes out next year. Although that does not do anything to help the owners of the current iPad, surely there is something that can be done about that? Well it seems that a Chinese firm MIC have done just that with their camera connector kit.

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The iPad 2 for February


It was initially believed that in January Apple will be announcing full details of the iPad 2 and delivery would be expected around May time, in fact it did seem that the launch of the iPad 2 would coincide with the launch of the new Blackberry device, which would make sense.

But now thing look to have change slightly, the announcement seems to have remained the same, but according to sources within the manufacturer F

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Apple sells the iPad through Amazon


The spread of the Apple iPad continues as the device appears in stores around the country, it seems that Apple have decided to take a more direct route to the consumer through an online storefront at

This means that the consumer can buy the iPad for the same price, as the device is if it w

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Get Flash on your iPad


Flash is a handy thing to have, especially with the amount of sites that use it, but Apple has no intention of allowing Flash into the Apple camp, so what do you do?


You can get on with it and carry on living a life without flash.


You can follow engadgets instructions and install Flash onto your iPad, but only after y

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Laptop Vs iPad


At the moment, the word is that the iPad is not a good as laptop, so given the choice just how many laptop users would swap their trustee laptop for a shiny new Apple iPad?

Well we could guess or alternatively we can look at a survey of almost a thousand people conducted by the online product comparison site Kelkoo.

According to the recent survey as done by Kelkoo, a third of those that answered would switch their computer for an iPad, but more surprisingly is the amount of laptop owners that would swap, it turns out to be forty per cent!

However, twenty per cent said t

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Turn the iPad into a Laptop


Here is an interesting case designed to be used with the great Apple iPad, it is called the Clam Case, the owner places the device into one side and with the use of Bluetooth technology, it instantly becomes a laptop.

So there you have it, an easy enough device that changes your iPad tabl

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The iPad Launches In The UK


The end of April means that Apple will launch the iPad in the UK and you can clearly understand why as a recent study commissioned by the price comparison website Kelkoo, has found that around forty per cent of laptop owners are preparing to ditch the computer in favour of an iPad.

More surprising is the fact that out those that answered the survey almost twenty per cent said that they do not care how much they have to pay for a slate either! Apple will think that they have gone to heaven.

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Wi-Fi Surprise For The iPad


One of the best ways of measuring popularity is by monitoring how much a service or product is being used and when it comes to Wi-Fi, there is no better place to check than an airport!

So according to Boingo the number one provider of Wi-Fi hotspots in airports throughout the US, the iPad has raced up the table and now sits in the number two position of the most popular device other than a laptop using Wi-Fi at the airport.

Of course, the number one place is still help by the

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