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Sharp to launch the Netwalker


The Netwalker is slight similar in looks to the UMID Mbook, but you could say that about a few netbooks. this model has a neat little five screen, which suggests it is competing with the iPhone rather than netbooks in general.



800 MHz i.MX515 CPU paired

512 MB of RAM

4 GB of solid-state storage

2 cell battery

PC Z1 can

161 x 109 x 20 m

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Asus put Android on hold


There was a lot of people hanging around waiting to see what the planned Asus Android netbook was going to be like, we had heard a lot about the device. There was the idea that it would be with Windows and so there would not be any reduction in price.


Therefore, now it seems that the Asus have changed their mind about the Android operating system, this is because the company do not see a market for this product yet.


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Nokia enter the netbook market


This announcement was a turn up for the books, the communications firm that seems to have been around forever (Well twenty five years!) has all of sudden realised that there is a market for netbooks! So now a couple years after Asus brought out their netbook, Nokia have brought out the Booklet 3G.


The Nokia Booklet 3G features

Intel Atom Processor

12 hours of battery life

Ultra-thin form factor

Aluminium chassis

Slim design (slightly more than 2 cms. thin)

HDMI port for HD video

3G/HSPA and Wi-Fi c

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The Sony lookalike from AVIA


There are plenty of cloned machines around these days, it seems that making fakes is no good but coming up with a rip off is a different matter. Like this AVIA N101 netbook, this is being called a rip of the Sony VAIO W. but there is not much proof that it is as the only thing that would be the same is the ten inch display, the inside but there is no ION power or even a VGA out port.



Atom N270 processor

160 GB HDD

1 GB RAM and so on

Prices not available

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Asus adds silver to the 1005HA


Silver is one of the coolest colours that you can get in a laptop, it help the computer look as if it has been made from steel and so gives the impression of strength and toughness. Now this colour has been added to the Asus Eee PC 1005HA line up offering the user another option to think about.


Product Features

Elegant seashell-inspired design with 10″ LED-backlit screen and ergonomic keyboard

Enjoy up to 10.5 hours* of unplugged computing with ASUS Super Hybrid Engine

Ultra-portable in a stylish 1″ slim and 1.27

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The Samung NC10 10.2” netbook


Samsungs entry into the netbook market brings a new level of portable computing to the user, and this has pleased many users too as the market has seen the level of quality and reliability rise to better levels that are required by today’s demanding customers. The NC10 weighs only 2.8 pounds and comes equipped with the Intel Atom CPU, 160 Gb hard drive and 1 Gb RAM.


Product Features

10.2″ Wide, 1024 x 600 WSVGA, 220 nits

Intel Atom processor N270, 1.6 GHz, 533 MHz Front Side Bus, 512 KB Level 2 Cache

160 GB, 2.5″

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The HannsNote from Hannspress in the US


The neat little ten inch Hannsnote netbook is already available in Europe, but fortunately, for the US consumers the nice little thing that comes in either black or white glossy finish with soon be able to be picked up in the US too.



Two colour options; black or white

10 inch LED backlit display with 1024 x 600 resolution

1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU

Intel GMA950 graphics card

1.3 MP webcam


160 GB hard drive

Windows XP Home OS

3 in 1 card reader



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Dell launches the Mini 11z


From the outside the all new Dell Inspiron Mini 11z does not actually look all that new, in fact it looks remarkably like the Dell mini 10, which it really is. The 11z uses the same frame as the 10 but inside it is more like a laptop and that just adds to the confusion.



Low power 1.2 GHz Celeron processor

2 GB of memory

250 GB hard drive

HD (1366 x 768) 11.6 inch display


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The Acer Aspire One 8.9” netbook


This netbook only weighs in at less than two pounds and therefore means that this is highly portable. As a means of accessing the internet no matter where you are, then this is the machine for that purpose. This sort of netbook is ideal for browsing the internet or catching with emails.


Product Features

Box Contents – Acer AOA150-1006 Mobile Internet Device, 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery, AC Power Adapter, AC Power Cord; Software Bundle – Windows XP Home, McAfee Internet Security Suite, 1-Year International Travellers Warranty

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3G SIM slot for the Shanzai C200


This is a decent machine that has a lot of features and even an integrated 3G SIM card slot this is ideal for mobile broadband users who just to insert the SIM card into the slot instead of having a mobile broadband dongle. For just $220, this netbook offers great quality and features for a very reasonable price.



10.1 inch display

1.6 GHz N270 CPU


160 GB HDD

Built-in 3G SIM card slot

Built-in TV antenna

No information on prices

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