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8″ Netbooks

Another netbook offered by wireless carrier


It may only be a rumour at the moment, but it looks as if the wireless carrier Verizon may be offering the fantastic Sony Vaio P in a deal with its wireless broadband service.

Consumers will have a choice now of choosing between Verizon and Sprint. It is just a matter of covered, netbook offered and how much the customer is willing to spend.

The rumour is that a customer could pick up the Sony Vaio P from as little as $300, considering that they are almost $800 in the stores, that is a serious saving.

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The Durros 8404 rugged tablet shipped


Anyone looking for a tough tablet laptop may be interested in the new Durros 8404 rugged tablet laptop that is being shipped right now. It has an 8.4 inch touchscreen display. This computer is rugged and tough just right for job where the computer is likely to be knocked around a little.



8.4” daylight-readable LED SVGA touchscreen panel

Display boasts a brightness of 1,100 NIT and a 120-degree viewing angle

Intel Atom CPU

Hot-swappable battery

IP65-rated solid-aluminium chassis


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Every laptop needs a good bag


Laptop bags offer the user protection and in some security, but with mini laptops becoming so popular a full size bag is simply too large and could help damage to the device. So therefore, bag manufacturers are now bringing out bag that have been especially designed for mini laptops such as the Asus Eee PC 1000HE.



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Review of the Sony Vaio P11ZR 8”


Sony have been bringing out some seriously cool laptops and mini laptops recently, the Vaio P series offers the user a choice of colour, which seems to be essential these days and why not other makers do the same. This model has been designed with the traveller in mind it is ultra portable and light, which means that it can be held in one hand, it can also easily fit into a coat pocket.


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