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Toshiba Netbooks

Toshiba launch the AC100


This netbook has a ten inch display, powered by an ARM chipset and runs the Google Android 2.1 operating system. This is the first netbook from Toshiba to use the ARM processor; it comes with the usual specs that you would expect, although it has a battery offering eight hours of use.


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Toshiba Update The NB305


This upgrade take the Toshiba NB305 netbook onto a new level, with a few upgrades to the hardware and a reasonable price tag of around $460.

Here are the specs and features available for the Toshiba NB305:

10.1 inch display, an Intel GMA X3150 graphics chipset, screen resolution of 1024 × 600, 1 GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM, a 250 GB HDD and an updated 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455

Priced at around $460

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Toshiba launch mini NB305


As with other manufacturers it seems that Toshiba are looking to entice the business user to ditch the laptop and pick up a netbook.

Toshibas idea is the Mini NB305 it uses the Intel Atom N450 and has a battery that is said to have enough guts to last around eleven hours.


* 10.1-inch diagonal widescreen TruBrite backlit LED display (WSVGA)

* Windows 7 Starter operating system

* Intel Atom N450 processor

* 1GB DDR2 800MHz RAM, upgradeable to 2GB

* Up to 250GB HDD

* 802.11b/g/n wireless and 10/100 Ethernet

* Bluetoo

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Cyber Monday offers


Cyber Monday offers

With Black Friday a distant memory, what do you do next? Well there is always Cyber Monday, now this is the day where shopping online is ok, in fact it should be illegal not to shop online in Cyber Monday.


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Toshiba mini NB205 Review!

The Toshiba mini NB205 in the US.jpg

Toshiba have released the latest mini laptop, the NB205 will be released in the US by the end of the month. It was only announced a few days ago from the people at Toshiba America that this laptop would soon be available in the US, clearly, this has come true.


10.1 inch diagonal widescreen TruBrite backlit LED display (WSVGA)


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Toshiba launch 3G Mini B

Toshiba launch 3G Mini B.jpg

The Toshiba Mini B comes with a cased that comes in two tone metallic silver and brown design, the third generation mini laptop “Mini B” is being promoted as being a premium mini laptop, but then again aren’t they all!

Toshiba MiniB netbook features:

Dual side LED back lights

Isolated keyboard

Powered by Intel Atom N280 (1.66 GHz) processor

1 GB of DDR2 RAM

160 GB of HDD

LCD display supports TruBrite CSV technology

Bluetooth connectivity


Charge function

No word on prices

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Fujitsu and Toshiba launch mini laptops

The two Japanese computer manufacturers Toshiba and Fujitsu have both brought to the market their versions of mini laptops the NB200 and NB100 from Toshiba and the M2010 from Fujitsu. It is a surprise that they have left it so long considering that the market is overloaded with mini laptops from almost all computer makers. The popularity of mobile broadband and Wi-Fi has increased the amount of users who like to be connected while they are out of the home or office.


The NB200 features Intel Atom N280 processor, 1GB of memory, 160GB hard drive and Windows XP


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