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The Beam from Mobinova


This is a device that is heading over to AT&T, so it stands to reason that this 8.9 inch smartboook is going to be part of mobile broadband in some way in the future.

This is just another addition to the growing market of ARM and Tegra based smartbooks, no doubt the ranks of the current list will be swelling over time as more manufacturers bring their products to the market.

Features of the interesting Beam Tegra smartbook from Mobinova:

8.9 inch display with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, 512MB NAND OS storage, a 8GB to 64GB solid state drive, an SD car

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The $65 Smartbook


At $65, does it really matter what the Nike PC706V smartbook is like at that price so long as it turns on and allows access the internet and check emails ok. However, this powered by the Android 1.6 OS and could easily be upgraded to 2.1 if required.

Features of the cheap Nike PC706V mini laptop:


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The $85 Smartbook


There is a increase in interest regarding smartbooks, these come in between a mini laptop and a smartphone, so basically you are getting all of the benefits of a smartphone but in a larger casing and with a seven inch display.

However, whereas some smartbooks are coming out at $400 or more, this NBPC722 version from Coby comes in at a perfect $85, what else could you buy for just $85?

The Coby NBPC722 smartbook offers a 624 MHz Marvell PXA303 Processor, 2 Gb of storage and of course will be running Windows CE.

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Handy QWERTY Smartphone Keyboard


Smartphone’s and other mobile devices are much more easier to use with a keyboard, but these are often bulky and just awkward to use.

However as technology is changing all of the time it was only a matter of time until a company brought out a handy little QWERTY keyboard that has the similar functions as the mobile phone keyboard.

It is built in Korea so we should not be expecting this to be available anytime soon, but stranger things have happened.

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The Swarovski Studded Netbook


There is nothing like a netbook that has been completely covered with Swarovski Crystals which makes us think that this computer has been designed for women, but you never know these days.

The actual computer is the Zenide GC from Smartbook AG, the ordinary version will cost the buyer just around $300, leaving a lot to be desired for the glittering example.

Specs – 10.2 inch WXGA LED screen, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N280, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, Wi-Fi. Priced at $3,000.

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