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First look at Shenzhen Firstview


This is the first glimpse of the Shenzhen Firstview netbook, this is a very slim and light netbook powered by Android and running either a 533MHz or 800MHz ARM9 processor, the rest of the specs are almost standard netbook specs.

These are the known specs and details of the Shenzhen Firstview, it will sport a 10.1 inch display with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution,

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The thinnest netbook


Could this new machine from ShenZhen Zichuang Technology be the thinnest netbook in the world? Well we need to take a look at the evidence first all its thin at just half a centimetre think, that is just five millimetres or for those non metric folk just .2 of an inch. The entire thing only weighs just 750 grams and it comes with some decent features too. Should this enter the euro and US markets is would be a very interesting contender.


Specs of the CZC 09 from ShenZhen Zichuang Technology

Measuring 0.5cm or 5 millimetres

Weighs 75

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