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Panasonic update the Toughbook CF U1


When you have a computer that is built like a tank, there is little that you can think off that can make it any better, but Panasonic have managed to think up a few ways to make the Toughbook better and one of these is to give it a sunlight viewable screen.

This UMPC is already rugged and tough, but addition of this screen feature just means that is can be operated under more extreme circumstances, which is what you would expect from the Toughbook!

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Panasonic launch 10 inch Toughbook


Yes, this is Toughbook but in the style of a netbook, which is something that you do not see every day! Usually the Panasonic Toughbook would be associated with the rugged outdoors and not come with such a small display, but this actually does work and is going to be great for people that work in tight or confined spaces.

These are the features and specs for the Panasonic Toughbo

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The Panasonic Lets Note R9


When mini laptops first came onto the market they were a little of a novelty, but now these small laptops have come of age and pack some serious hardware inside, in some cases they pack more inside one of these mini laptops than a regular sized laptop.

Take the Panasonic Lets Note R9, it comes with a ten inch display as you would expect, but also an Intel Core i7 processor although this can be upgraded if so desired. However there is a price to pay for all of this decadence.

Panasonic CF-R9JWACDR Technical Specifications:

OS: Windows 7 Professional 32


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