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Vayee revamps the Nokia Booklet 3G


The Nokia Booklet 3G was one of those devices that was supposed to set the world of computing alight, but in the end it merely created a small spark before going out.

But now there is the Vayee HY116 this is a cloned version of the Nokia Booklet 3G, it offer some slightly better specs and a definitely better price tag.

Here are the specs and features of the Vayee HY116 ne

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Nokia Booklet 3G Cloned


Whenever an interesting device is announced, somewhere there is going to be someone looking at how it has been made and how they could make it similar but cheaper. Take the Nokia Booklet 3G this is an expensive piece of kit, so naturally a clone would be of interest to users who want the device but are not willing to pay the high price.

As around $300, this Nokia Booklet 3G clone will do nicely!


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Nokia Booklet 3G


The all new Nokia Booklet 3G is being stocked at Best Buy Mobile offering the consumer a choice of buying the device outright at around $600 or at the discounted price of $199 if taken out with a Data Connect con

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The Nokia Booklet 3G in the US


So far only Best Buy appear to have got the retail rights on the nice looking ten inch Nokia Booklet 3G, but you simply cannot believe that no phone company is going to be offering this device as part of a subsidised deal. After all this is a Nokia and it has been made to be part of a package hasn’t it? Or is there some other deal waiting in the wings.



10 inch Display, Windows 7, 1280 by 720 (720p) screen, built-in accelerometer, SIM card slot and integrated OVi maps, claimed 16-hour battery life, HDMI, 802.11n Wi-Fi, 1.6GHz Atom

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Nokia enter the netbook market


This announcement was a turn up for the books, the communications firm that seems to have been around forever (Well twenty five years!) has all of sudden realised that there is a market for netbooks! So now a couple years after Asus brought out their netbook, Nokia have brought out the Booklet 3G.


The Nokia Booklet 3G features

Intel Atom Processor

12 hours of battery life

Ultra-thin form factor

Aluminium chassis

Slim design (slightly more than 2 cms. thin)

HDMI port for HD video

3G/HSPA and Wi-Fi c

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