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The $299 HP Netbook


HP offer a wide range of laptops and netbooks for all markets, but the addition of the HP Mini 1103 creates a new market for the company, for this netbook is the cheapest netbook make for the small business and education markets.

The Mini 1103 offers the users a nice 10.1 inch diagonal LED back lit WSVGA widescr

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HP Mini 210 in Iceberry and Raspberry


Just in time for the CES 2011, HP have given the Mini 210 a bit of a makeover with a two new exterior designs, these are called Iceberry and Raspberry, it is a paid type design and to make things all nice and neat the firm have also realised a mouse and clutch sleeve in the same design. For reasons better known to HP there i

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HP launched the Mini 1103 netbook


When a manufacturer of computing equipment says that it is a business machine, it is hard to determine what they actually mean, in the case of the HP Mini 1103 netbook the company means that a business person can be out of the office all day long and the netbook will be available to them! Therefore, it is good for students and just about anyone else who wants to be out and about, while staying in touch too.

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The HP Mini 210 2050NR for $336.54


It is not unusual to find good deals this time of year, but filtering them into some sort of order, now this is the problem.

Take the HP Mini 210 2050NR this very popular 10.1 inch netbook does not need to be reduced in a big way as it is already ready so popular, but out of interest $336.54 on

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HP redesigns the Mini 210


The new Mini 210 is not to be confused with the current Mini 210 that was launched earlier on in the year, this redesign means a new style case and plenty of option for the consumer to choose from, in fact the buyer could be spoilt for choice.

The buyer gets to choose from the following processor and graphics options; 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455; 1.83GHz Intel Atom N475; 1.83GHz Intel Atom N475 + Broadcom Crys

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HP readies Mini 210 2000 for launch


Yet another netbook is about to be unleashed on an already flooded market, this time it will HP doing the unveiling and the Mini 210 2000 is the netbook that HP will initially be launching onto the market in Japan next month. It is not known if the machine will be available outside of Japan at a later date, although you would have thought so.

Here are the specs and features for the handy new HP Mini 210

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HP launches new Mini 5303


HP have been doing overtime recently and currently have around twelve laptops or netbooks on the market, they certainly want to reach every demand from the consumer.

The latest addition to the range is the updated Mini 5303 netbook, it comes with the latest Intel Atom N550 processor and although this machine is yet to announce it looks promising.

These are some of

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HP Launch the Classmate PC


This initially looks like the old clamshell style Apple computer, but without the bright oranges and purples! However, this is in fact an offering from HP and it has been initially called the Classmate laptop the next netbook being targeted towards the kids, the true name is not known yet.

It has been on show at the Computex 2010 in Taiwan and it looks as if it has all of the makings of the cool design, which means computer users will be interested in the specs.

There are not many of specs around on this so here they are:

10 inch Mini Classmate netbook, HP offering it i

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The Compaq Airlife 100 and AT&T!


HP has launched the Compaq Airlife 100 it comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM processor and an integrated 3G modem, nothing special about that then!

However, after some clever detective work, the people over at Wireless goodness discovered that the HP has filed some interesting docs with the FCC for the Compaq Airlife 100.

It seems that the docs mention GSM 850 & 900, as well as WCDMA bands 2 and 5, which just happens to be the bands that are used by AT&T for mobile broadband.

So is AT&T about to offer the HP Compaq Airlife 100?

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Vivienne Tam Designed HP Mini


We have seen the designs of Vivienne Tam on the HP 1000 laptop, then it was a deep red flowery design that had that special look to it. But now HP and Vivienne Tam have teamed up once again to produce a brilliant design for the HP Mini 210.

The butterfly design uses a base gold for the colour adding an air of luxury to the mini laptop.

Features of the HP Mini 210 with Vivienne Tam Design:

•An Intel Atom N450‡ processor for reliable performance

•2GB of system memory and a 250GB4 hard drive

•Three ports for transferring data to/from other devices

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