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ASUS UL30Jt Hands-on Review!

UPDATE: ASUS UL30Jt now available on Amazon!

For those of you who have been for the next big ASUS 13.3″ Ultra Thin and Light laptop, look no further as we have just spotted the UL30Jt at CES 2010, featuring an Intel Core i7 CPU and 1GB Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics card, this is certainly a whopping improvement over its predecessor, the UL30Vt-X1, which I am actually using to blog this post from CES.

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ASUS UL30Vt-X1 Hands-on Complete Review!


Update: You can also get ASUS UL30Vt-A1, which is same thing as X1 except with 25% more battery power with a 5400maH battery.

Well, after a full day of playing with my new ASUS UL30Vt-X1 (and not getting enough sleep), I was able to t

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Best 13 Inch Laptop Of the Year – ASUS UL30Vt Review!


UPDATE: ASUS UL30Vt now shipping on Amazon!

I was going to actually buy the ASUS UL30A-A2 this week until I found out that ASUS UL30Vt can be pre-ordered. (

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ASUS UL30A-A2 Versus ASUS UL30A-X5!

UPDATE: The better ASUS UL30Vt is here w/ Nvidia graphic card and 8GB max memory limit, get it for $799!

If you are looking to get a new ASUS UL30A, you might want to learn that there’s 2 different models, one with a 4,400 mA battery and the other, with 5,400 mA battery.  These two batteries are identical, both 8-cell batteries but the 5,400 mA battery is rated for 16 hours while the other is at 12 hours.

If you look carefully on Amazon’s site, you will find that

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The Apple MacBook 13.3” Laptop


This is machine that has had the body redesign, the casing has been made from a solid piece of aluminium, which is great for a safety point of view, but also means that the computer is going to be light and strong. You get a great 13.3 inch LED back lit glass display, as well as a glass track pad this does not require a button, but includes multi touch technology.


Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

2 GB RAM (4 GB max)

160 GB hard drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive


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The Acer Aspire Timeline 13.3” laptop


This the laptop that has been described as the “All day computer” that is because of the battery power, it is supposed to average around eight hours of normal operating time. This will obviously depends on what you are doing on the computer. Being light and thin it is the ideal machine for someone who spends a lot of time away from the office or home.


Product Features

1.3GHz Intel Pentium SU2700 Single Core Processor (2MB L2 cache, 1.30GHz, 800MHz FSB)

4096MB DDR3 1066MHz RAM

320GB SATA Hard Drive

Windows Vista Hom

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The Apple 13.3” MacBook


The stylish MacBook from Apple is always going to be a winner with fans; it is light, white and has been designed to appeal to someone who travels with work or for education. The computer sports a 13.3 inch display, is powered by a 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and to complete things a 160 Gb hard drive with enough space for video, music and images.


Product Features

2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

2 GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM

160 GB 5400RPM Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Operating System

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The Avertec N3400 laptop


With have gone through the laptop and netbook thing, so what next? It seems that portability is the key to success now, it makes no matter whether we are looking at a netbook or a laptop it is weight and thickness that counts these days. The Avertec N3400 has been developed to tackle that market weighing in a under four pounds and more interestingly it is under an inch thick!



CPU 2.16-GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T3400

RAM Included 3GB

RAM Upgradable 8GB

Hard Drive Size 250GB

Hard Drive Speed 5,400rpm

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HP goes for business and education


The Probook range of computers has clearly been designed with the business or student user in mind. The HP Probook is now available in the stores and it has been a long a long time coming too. This is the work horse of the laptop sector, strong and tough it will cope with almost anything that is thrown at it.



Choice of Core 2 Duo processor

Up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory

A 160 250 320 500GB SATA II HDD

Optional Blu-ray drive

13.3 inch LED backlight HD Display (matte or gloss)

Optional ATI Mobility Rad

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The Aluminium Avertec N3400


When you think of a laptop encased in aluminium, price is normally going to be an issue. Yet in the case of the Avertec N3400 as 13.3 inch computer weighing in at 3.8 pounds you get the best of both worlds a classy looking machine with a price tag under $800. It is a nice looking machine with some decent specs.

Features: 13-inch aluminium notebook 2.16 Ghz Intel T3400 CPU 1280 × 1024 display with a 1.3MP webcam 3 GB DDR 2m 800Mhz (8GB max) 250 GB HDD DVD drive Weighs 4 pounds Three USB 2.0 ports 3.5mm audio in/out Multi-format card reader Wi-Fi B

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