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13.4″ Laptops

The MSI X320 for $599

Super slim laptops are very popular but as it turns out expensive too, unless you are thinking MSI, then you can get the X320 for less around $599. Now that is a lot of computer for such a small price, with only a few dollars more this laptop could be on your desk within days.

General Specs:

Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium

CPU Type In

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MSI X Slim now available at $899.99

MSI X Slim now available at $899.99.jpg

When this super slim laptop was first announced the initial price tag was being pushed around as being about $1,100, which of course would have been a little steep for even this MSI laptop. However, it seems that those estimates were wrong and the price is now set at $899.99, although there are places in the net where it can be snapped up for a low $799.99 at


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Clip on crystal case for MacBook 13”

Clip on crystal case for MacBook.jpg

Stopping your laptop from being scratched or marked can be a full time job especially if you are one of those people who have to carry their laptop around for work or other purposes. You can use a case but then you still have to take the computer out to use it, so the only other alternative is a crystal case that stays on the computer even while it is being in use.

Technical Details

Your laptop is as attractive & usable while protected from everyday hazards & scratches in this crystal case.

Extremely tough, durable case moulds perfectly to your laptop’s sh

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MSI X340 Review

For MSI it looks as if it is Apple who lay down the benchmarks and MSI try to get a close as they possibly can to these specs. However, at the same time manage to hold back on the total price making them very affordable and there is no denying that the MSI is good value at $899 when it is compared to the Apple at $1,799, which is a hell of a difference.

The design of the X340 is second to none with the exception of the keyboard with could have done with some extra work to make it feel worth spending you cash on, after all it is the keyboard that the user has contact with all of the t

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