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Laptop Video – VIA’s Openbook Ripped Open!

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Well, the internet users love to rip open laptops, here’s Via’s Openbook ripped!

We’ve take apart a VIA OpenBook mini-note to reveal the internal hardware guts and made a short video for you to see the PCI Express Mini Cards and 52 pin edge connectors that enable the WiMAX, HSDPA, EV-D

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TongFang iMini Mini-Note with Via Nano Processor!

TongFang iMini Mini-Note with ViaMini Processor!

Via Nano processor was revealed today with the intro of TongFang iMini min-Note.

What’s up with the mini-notebook explosion? Lol…people like small stuff.

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AVING Special Report on ‘COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008′) — <Visual News> VIA revealed the mini notebook from TongFang during Computex 2008, which adopts VIA Nano processor.

via aving

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VIA OpenBook is the first to support WiMax/EDVO/HSDPA!


VIA OpenBook, another laptop introduced during this crazy mini-notebook era, is the first mini-notebook to offer WiMax/EDVO/HSDPA modem embedded.

This might be “the” mini-notebook to get.

WIth a VIA C7-M ULV processor powering the laptop, the VIA OpenBook also has a 1024×600 display backed by video acceleration and HD video/audio.

Laptop Pimp’s Verdict?

This laptop is the best we̵

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