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Solar Powered Laptops

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This is a great idea for computer users who happen to live in a sunny climate, the iUnika solar powered laptop, to be fair they have launched several new laptops but the solar powered version is particularly interesting.

The solar panels charge up the battery pack, although there are not many details on this yet, but you would have thought that these are going to be expensive, but I think that you are going to be pleasantly surprised.


Solar Powered

64GB of flash memory

With 128MB of RAM


10/100 Ethernet card

Eight inch disp

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32.2 Watt Solar Panels for Outdoor Laptoping!

32.2 Watt Solar Panels for Outdoor Laptoping!

Here’s a rugged 32.2 watt folding solar panels you can take with you on your next outdoor trip.  Although we do not recommend being connected to the internet or using a laptop outdoors, if you must, here’s an industrial and rugged option.

Ruggedized blue nylon folding solar panel. Designed for the most demanding conditions. This is our most popular panel, 32W of honest output in full sun. This panel provides solar “heavy lifting”

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Solar Powered Laptop!


Here’s an interesting concept solar powered laptop.  Not a bad idea considering the solar panel folds nicely on top of the laptop so you can use it while getting it re-charged.

This is a small personal computer with complete power autonomy. Its independence is due to powerful batteries that are recharged by wide solar panel attached to the main body of the laptop.

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