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The MSI X320 for $599

Super slim laptops are very popular but as it turns out expensive too, unless you are thinking MSI, then you can get the X320 for less around $599. Now that is a lot of computer for such a small price, with only a few dollars more this laptop could be on your desk within days.

General Specs:

Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium

CPU Type In

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MSI X Slim now available at $899.99

MSI X Slim now available at $899.99.jpg

When this super slim laptop was first announced the initial price tag was being pushed around as being about $1,100, which of course would have been a little steep for even this MSI laptop. However, it seems that those estimates were wrong and the price is now set at $899.99, although there are places in the net where it can be snapped up for a low $799.99 at


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MSI GX723 New Gaming Laptop!

MSI GX723 New Gaming Laptop!.jpg

They call it the turbo drive laptop and yet it has an eco engine system too, so therefore, it is one of those unique conditions where a turbo and eco can be put in the same paragraph and nobody shakes their head. This computer has a seventeen inch WXSGA screen and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M graphics card.

Specs of the MSI GX723

CPU Support Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium

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MSI announce slim X400 and X600

MSI have just announced that they are launching new versions of the ultra slim laptop that could be compared to the Apple MacBook Air, the laptops are the 14″ X400 and the 15″ X600 they will both offer much more than the current 13″ X340 there is little more information around at the moment.

MSI X Slim features:

Powered by Intel’s Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) processors

16:9 ratios

LED-backlit displays

Blu-ray capable graphics when connected to an external drive

With more battery options for both models – 8-cell for the X400 a

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MSI U200 Review

The mini laptop as with many other types of technology is beginning to grow, now it seems that the manufacturers are looking to create larger models but still manage to keep in with the spirit of the mini laptop theme. Initially the price has been set at around seven hundred dollars, but we would have think that the price is likely to fall to get this machine into the US market.


Featuring a 12-inch (1366 x 768) LED screen

GMA 4500M integrated graphics

802.11n Wi-Fi


250GB of storage

A 3-cell battery the computer weighs just 3lbs

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