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The Notino W5900 from Hi Grade


This is the laptop that has been described by some as the laptop that the girls from “Sex and the City” would be using. So therefore, it goes without saying that the female computer user would also be attracted to this laptop from Hi-Grade.


Hi- Grade sound like one of those unusual computer firms from China or somewhere similar, but in fact, they are a UK based firm. The Notino W5900 offers a nice 15.6 inch HD display and it also comes with a carry case too.


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Hi-Grade offer laptops for girls


This is a laptop that has definitely been designed for the girls for “Sex and the City” or those girls that just like the show. This laptop has plenty of bling and style as it can be customised to a certain extent. You get a 15.6 inch HD display and it even comes with its own carry case, apart from that it is fairly standard type laptop.


Standard Components 

Colour  :  Girls pattern 

Processor  :  Intel Pentium Dual Core T3400 (2.1GHz, 667MHz, 1Mb L2 

Operating System  :  Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 

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