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So Finally Google Talk Chrome OS Notebook


This is the one of those worst kept secrets type of deal, we have known for some time that the Google Chrome OS Notebook was on the cards, but until now, we never really knew just how serious Google were about the hardware.

But here it is and to be honest it does not seem to be up to much, in fact to me it seems that they have crabbed any old laptop

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Sign Up for the Google CR 48


Google are looking for beta testers for the CR 48 notebook, the machine that will be running the Chrome Operating System! to qualify potential beta testers will need to visit this Chrome OS Google Page and fill in the questionnaire, you will need to be US based and willing to help out Google de-bug the device.

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Laptops cheaper than Netbooks


For many people the price of mini laptops, being a couple of hundred dollars lower than a full sized and fully equipped laptop, has been a bit if an issue. Do you go for smaller more portable version, or plump for the larger fully loaded laptop. Now that decision has just become much harder with the Everex gBook2 coming it at just $249.99, that is less than some mini laptops, oh what to do!


Everex gBook2 VA1501V VIA C7-M 1.5 GHz 15.4-inch Notebook

General Features:

Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (hardy heron) pre-in

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