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Coby goes for smaller netbook


Coby first launched its ten and twelve inch computers at the CES event way back in January and yet nothing seems to have materialised when it comes to getting them into retail outlets until they broke cover last month.


Now it seems that there could be another little computer joining the Coby pair and this time it is going to be a smaller 8.9 inch model. This is early days for this model, so details are short but there are some

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Coby goes on sale


It was a long while ago when Coby displayed these computers off at the Computex, but for some reason nothing appeared to materialise and now completely out of the blue these Coby machines have turned up on Amazon, details below.


The first Coby-branded netbook is the  Coby NMP1220XPBLK with the following features:

12.1 inch, 1024 x 800 pixels

1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270

Windows XP Home

1GB of RAM

160GB hard drive

2.3 hours battery life

3.2 pounds (although the shipping weight is listed as 1 pound!?!)

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