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Acer release the D250 with Android


Acer have been showing off the Aspire One D250 with the Android operating system. However, do not expect to be getting this bay on the cheap, for Acer has covered all of the bases when it comes to price.

The D250 will be going on sale on the 22nd October, so that means that Windows 7 is going to be tucked in there somewhere, so the D250 will be coming in two versions. The Android OS with Windows XP Home at $450 and the Android OS with Windows 7 Start with a price tag of $485, so what about the Acer Aspire One D250 with just the Android OS!

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Asus launches Windows 7 Netbook


Asus appear to have done it again by launching the first netbook to come with Windows 7, the Asus Eee Pc 1002n is around and making waves as one of those innovative machines that sets the pace for the rest of the industry to follow.


This machine has of course been around for sometime but it is only now as we head off into September that the launch date Windows 7 gets closer and more of a reality. In order to keep the operating system happy, Asus have used an Intel Atom Processor, twelve inch display (so it is borderline netbook or laptop) and 2 G

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More on the Google Chrome OS


The problem with anticipated new ideas is that some people just cannot wait and so we end up with hoaxes and fakes. That means that every time new information or photos come out we have to be very sceptical, but at the same time very interested too.


These are so called leaked photos of the Google Chrome Operating System, can we believe that they are true, it is hard to say, but we would be stupid not to take just a little peep at the images just to see.


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Acer Android next month

At the Computex 2009 there was an Acer display showing the proposed Acer and Android OS combination, initially it was announced that the would be a working model of the Acer Aspire One D250 with the Android Operating System in August, but that is in a couple of weeks time!

Now it seems that Acer will be producing such a machine, but it will also be shipped with Windows, that means no price difference for using Android, which is going to upset a few people! However, there have not been any announcements yet as to when this is going to happen, we just hav

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Archos PC Tablet running Windows 7

The Archos 9 in a brilliant new PC Tablet that replaces the five inch and seven models, the 9 has a nice nine inch touch sensitive display, the latest Atom Z515 processor and the choice of 60 Gb or 120 Gb hard drive. To make things even better this device will be running Windows 7.


Full touch-sensitive 9″ screen

The new Z515 Intel proces

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Asus offers Windows 7 upgrade

The mini laptop specialist from Taiwan, Asus have just announced that they will be participating in the Windows 7 upgrade scheme. This is where they are able to sell current computers with a Microsoft operating system.

This is great news for buyers who can go ahead and get a new computer armed with the knowledge that they can upgrade to the new operating system when it is released in October.

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Is Android better than Windows 7

It seems that when it comes to netbooks and other smaller portable devices that have been designed to make accessing the internet easier no matter where you are and what you are doing.

However, there are some concerns that the when Android finally appears later in the year, that the performance is not going to be able to match that of Windows 7 because of the 1 GHz ARM processor.

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Archos tablet with Windows 7

Is a tablet a large mobile device or laptop with the keyboard, either way this device from Archos will make the tablet PC popular again and one thing that makes this one stand out from the rest is that fact that it comes with Windows 7 on board. Multi-touch is key with this device and Windows 7 allows the smooth running of tablet technology.

Full specifications:


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First images of the Skytone Alpha 680

Skytone Alpha 680.jpg

There are not many details around at moment about the Skytone Alpha 680, which will be powered by Android, Google’s operating system. However, here are the first images it is a bit red yet this long awaited laptop has made an appearance and some cool dude has managed to grab a few pics.


7 inch display

128MB DDR2 RAM along with a 1GB SSD


Two USB ports

An SD card slot

Keyboard and touchpad

A 2-cell battery

Measures 8.5 x 6 x 1.2 inches

Weight of 1.5 pounds

Should be available in Q3


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MSI are planning Android laptop


The computer maker MSI could be launching a mini laptop that is based on the Google Android operating system, coming from a Chinese news website it looks like they could be showing it off at the Computex 2009 which is being held on the 2nd June.



It would appear that the company is going to sell this machin

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