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MSI Wind U123 comes with Windows 7


MSI has just started loading the 10.1 inch Wind U123 with the Windows 7 Starter operating system; the new netbook is available at BUY.COM and

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ASUS UL30Vt-X1 Hands-on Complete Review!


Update: You can also get ASUS UL30Vt-A1, which is same thing as X1 except with 25% more battery power with a 5400maH battery.

Well, after a full day of playing with my new ASUS UL30Vt-X1 (and not getting enough sleep), I was able to t

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Google Chrome OS on a USB Key


Want to use the Chrome OS on your network, but you do not want to install the OS completely then there is a fast and easy way of doing it, according to

The trick is to download the software onto a flash drive and then simply boot it up when you start the netbook up.

It sounds too good to be true, luckily there is a video to back up these claims!

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Google Chrome OS on Netbooks


Last week, we heard that the Google Chrome OS might not be compatible with older laptops and netbooks, well as we are well aware when it comes to what these big companies say and to what can actually happen in the real world are completely different matters.

It would appear that with a little bit of jigging around the developer open source version of the OS has no problem running on a netbook.

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Older netbooks won’t get Google OS


The all new and ultra performing operating system from Google may seem like a great idea for a lot of computer users who want to upgrade their OS but for one reason or another, they do not want to use a Windows system.

However, if the user owns an older netbook will not be able to download the Google Chrome Operating System, this is because the OS will only work on ARM and X86 chips!

Source [Eee PC]

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The $80 Netbook


Normally a netbook for just $80 would have consumers fighting over themselves to get one, but is the EasyPC E790 from MenQ actually even worth the $80 that they are asking for.

Specs: 400 MHz processor, a 7 inch 800 x 480 display, a QWERTY keyboard, a 128 MB RAM, a 2 GB of storage and runs on Windows CE 5

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MSI launch Windows 7 Update


The brilliant MSI Wind U100 has at last been given the update that everyone has been waiting for it is a Windows 7 Update making it one of the coolest laptops around and guess what, it not for the US!

This updated version will go out to stores immediately in Europe, but when it comes to US consumers, they will have to wait and there are no details available as to wh

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Top of the Netbook League


The sale of Windows 7 netbooks are sure to have been brisk over the past couple of days since the launch of the much awaited for Windows 7 operating system, so which one is top of table?

The smart money would be on Asus, but then again there is plenty of competition from HP and Acer too, the choice is just too much to bear. There is only one thing to do, check out the Amazon bestseller list for this market.


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Want Windows 7 but have a netbook?


We all agree that netbooks are cool, but now they are limited because if you want to run the latest operating system from Microsoft then you need an installation disc and a USB DVD drive aren’t you?

Well not necessarily because Microsoft have the answer, visit their Windows 7 for Netbooks page where you are able to download the version that you want.

Now all that you need to do is use

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Asus launch the 1005HR


You know it is quite possible that Asus is eventually going to have so many different models out that it will impossible to keep track of them all. It seems that with every change a model appears and that is where we get the Eee PC 1005 HR this is a Windows 7 machine offering the user full HD capability.

Specs – 10.1 inch display with in 1366 × 768 display meaning full HD display, Intel Atom N280 CPU, 1 GB of RAM, GMA 950 graphics, 250 GB HDD, 0.3 MP webcam, various ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 6-cell battery offering up to 8.4 hours of use. Priced at around $389.

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