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Ubuntu 10.10 beta for netbooks


October has been set for the launch of the latest edition of the Linux based operating system Ubuntu the 10.10 edition meant for netbooks. As expected the beta version will be more stable than the alpha version, however for those users who cannot wait until the official release, it can taken for a test drive here.

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MeeGo from Nokia


The rumours have been on and off about Nokia building a super MeeGo tablet device, but as these things come and go. Therefore, we have to live with these until there is some actual proof of the device coming out, even if it is just image.

Is this the move that Nokia have been waiting for? They are not normally associated with this sort of device, but times change and maybe Nokia have tablet fever.

Well we have the image, so that is part of the way there is not it.

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Acer To Release Chrome OS Netbook


According to current information, Google will not be allowing the Chrome OS to be installed in netbooks until later on in the year, but it seems that Acer have a different idea when they can use Chrome in their machines.

It seems that Acer are preparing to launch not just netbooks, but other devices too, at the up and coming Computex Trade Show taking place in Taiwan during the first week of June. We would like to see that, especially the reaction from Google.

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The $65 Smartbook


At $65, does it really matter what the Nike PC706V smartbook is like at that price so long as it turns on and allows access the internet and check emails ok. However, this powered by the Android 1.6 OS and could easily be upgraded to 2.1 if required.

Features of the cheap Nike PC706V mini laptop:

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MSI show off Moblin


It was announced only the other day that Moblin were getting it together with the Maemo Project to develop another joint operating system that they are naming MeeGo.

But that hasn’t stop Moblin from getting together with MSI to show off the brand new MSI Win

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And the most popular OS on netbooks is?


According to a survey run by to find out what operating systems netbooks users prefer the most popular came out as being Windows 7 which was more than ten per cent in from of the nearest rival.

Following up in second place was Ubuntu, the OS X, Jolicloud and in fifth place was Linux Mint, any surprises in there at all? Apart from the fact that the majority of all new netbooks come with Windows 7 already installed.

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Meego from Nokia and Intel


This must be a natural progression for the Linux based Moblin Interface used in many new netbooks and the Linux based operating system as used by Nokia in its Tablet PC’s.

The two systems have been merged to produce on super operating system that is being hosted by the Linux Foundation and the user will be able to make use of the applications available from the Nokia Ovi Store, as well as the Intel AppUp centre.

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Samsung launching a Chrome OS netbook


There have been rumours that a big company has been working a netbook that just runs the Chrome operating system. It turns out the manufacturer is Samsung, they are working on a netbook based on the N210 but with one big difference, it runs on Chrome.

This is latest news at the moment, so as of yet details are very limited.

Features of the Samsung Netbook running the Chrome OS:

10.1-inch screen, possibly using the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at a  nice 1.5Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a battery that is said to last around twelve hours.


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The Swordfish Mini Smartbook 7” for $149!


It seems amazing that you can go out and buy a seven smartbook for under $149, but that is what Haleron are doing

They have the Swordfish Mini Smartbook with seven inch display designed w

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Will Google launch Chrome Netbook?


The world is already wondering where Google are going with the Chrome OS, Android and of course the Nexus One, but will ever take the leap and come out with a Google branded netbook? The general feeling is that maybe, which doesn’t help us at all, but Google are actively seeking partnerships with various firms including Acer, Packard, Lenovo and Toshiba.

So there are possibilities out there, but currently it is under wraps, which would seem to be like a lost opportunity for Google.

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