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The easy PC diagnosis


These days the a computer problem is a real hair pulling out thing, so why not take all of the trouble out of calling up the helpline and holding up for hours when it’s costing a fortune and let fate decide the outcome of the computer issue.

In many cases, these dice are faster and could even deliver the right answer, just like the real thing!

Features – Three acrylic dice, Packaged in an attractive felt bag, Each die shows the problem, the culprit, and the proposed solution and Likely just as accurate as a real diagnosis* – * – but not really.  Priced at

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The travel power adapter


This is an adapter that will get you juiced up in around a hundred fifty countries, which is handy if you do a lot of travelling and need to charge up your gadgets in the worlds weird and wonderful power circuits.

Features – The adapter’s plug configures to fit a variety of international sockets, and its AC outlet and two built-in USB ports allow you to power or charge three devices at once. The USB ports eliminate the need to carry multiple chargers for USB-powered cell phones, digital cameras,

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Sometimes people need these!


There are some people around that are too clever at IT! and you know who you are.

However, it is no good just moaning or getting angry about it, just buy a pack of these stickers and even most useless of IT users can easily be directed to the on and off button.

Features – Choose from Loud and Clear, Breaking News, Gentle Reminders, Re-positionable adhesive labels, Each pack contains 5 different stickies with approximately 20 of each and Sheets: 2.75″ w, 6.5″ h; stickies: approx 2″ w, .75″ h and priced at $4.99.

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Want to win a HP Mini 311?


Well you have to the right place then because Nvidia are giving away twelve custom design HP Mini 311’s to the winners of their cool competition.

All you have to do is visit the Nvidia Comp Page and enter the competition through one or possible all of the ways.

FACEBOOK – Be a fan of NVIDIA on Facebook, TWITTER – Follow @nvidiaion on Twitter and YOUTUBE – Create a 1-2 minute video

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Record keystokes the easy way


In the wrong hands, this is a dangerous piece of equipment, but if you are wanting to make sure that there is no unwanted access on your computer then this is just the thing that you need.

The device simply fits between the keyboard socket and plug where it anonymously sits storing data until you wish to retrieve it.

To check the data, the user simply types in the password in the text editor and access to the data is granted.

Features – It is Portable – move it from computer to computer. Installs in seconds – Just plug it in. Uses no system resources.

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The laptopper portable shelf


When people spend a lot of time in their cars they tend to treat it more like their home rather than just being transport.

However, out of all things that you can do in the car, working on the laptop easily is not one of them.

However that maybe a different story with this portable laptop table that can fit over the steering wheel or headrest for the perfect laptop support.

Features – Mobile desktop, Fits 17″ notebook computers and smaller, Slim enough to store between seats or underneath, Fits over steering wheel or headrest, Durable, washable nylon and Wei

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Make CD’s look Pro


If you are tasked with the job of producing a run of DVD’s or CD’s for work or for friends and what do you do write on the disc with a pen, so how professional is that.

However, if you laid your hands on one of these CD and DVD Title Printers, then you will be producing some serious professional CD’s and DVD’s, it could be the start of a new career!

Features – The large LCD shows up to 12 characters at once. Five fonts, and 650 symbols built in; others available with software (included, with USB cable). Printer ribbon lasts for up to 50 discs. Set includes 10 bla

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Copy up to 25 DVD’s at once


It is easy to make your films and complications these days. However, if you have something that needs copying like a wedding or birthday party for twenty odd people, can you imagine the time that it would take?

Well with this device you do not even need a computer, just insert the DVD that requires copying and make sure that there are enough blank DVD’s in the cassette, within a couple of hours up to twenty five perfect copies will be waiting for you.

Features – Simply place the source DVD(s) in the top tray and blank DVDs in the bottom tray, and this duplicator takes

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Virtual Laser Keyboard


Bring a bit of science fiction into your life with this Bluetooth keyboard, well all right then virtual keyboard because it is made up of light and has no physical body. However, this is one sure way of impressing your friends although does it work properly when in direct sunlight?

This little device connects to any computer, PDA or cell phone that has a Bluetooth connection; it even offers real sounding keyboard clicks when you touch a key!

 Product Features – Connects to PDAs Smart phones and Computers using Bluetooth, Projects a full size keyboard onto any flat surfa

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Circulation Improving Leg Wraps


You know that sometimes I sit here at my desk only to find that I get cramp or pins and needles in my legs, I am sure that it is the same for many other computer users. Fortunately, there certain things that you can buy that can help, such as these leg wraps.

The wraps go around the feet and legs, by inflating and deflating the circulation is improved this is supposed to solve the problem; the only problem is looking like you have got a couple of broken legs.

Features – The compression intervals stimulate circulation in the thighs, hamstrings, calves, and feet and help f

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