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This is how Skynet started


Check this Wi-Fi enabled robot out, its camcorder, sentry and surveillance drone, it communicates with your laptop so you are able to see what it can see and control it too, not matter where you are. At the moment it is only a foot tall, but who knows where this is going!

Features – The robot’s software (available from manufacturer’s website) installs onto a computer running Windows XP or Vista (or Macintosh) and provides a control interface that enables you to move the robot in any direction, and the screen displays what the robot can see with its camera, which pro

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Like doing graphics, try this


This could be the thing that you have been waiting for if your are into graphics or maybe not then this device can also be used to simply put stuff into the computer, whatever you use for its neat appearance will make your desk look very important.

True Touch SuperPen

•Easily Paint, Draw, Sketch, Sign, Markup documents

•Send Handwritten email

•Combines Keyboard, Mouse and Pen Functions into one integrated device

•All mouse functions in a pointing device

•Stylus pen with 512 levels of pressure

•Support for Microsoft Handwriting Rec

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Let the Ninja do the hard work


Laptops are notorious for collecting dust and all sorts of other items that should remain nameless, but what is worse is the difficulty in cleaning these devices, please can someone build a waterproof laptop so it can go in the dishwasher!

Until then there is the NINJA, this tool blows dirt away, it does literally!

Features – NINJA arrives in a 10 ounce can and is non-flammable. Recommended For: Computers • Keyboards • Rocket Launchers • Digital Cameras • Printers • Fax Machines • HAL 9000s • Copiers • Telephones • Lab Equipment • TVs • DVD Players

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Wireless audio transmitters


It is hard to work out, but these incredible little speakers are only the size of a matchbox, which is about 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches and yet they offer fantastic sound transfer between the laptop, TV, speakers and headphones.

Features – The devices enable you to listen to TV in bed without disturbing a spouse, or to roam freely while wearing headphones without being tethered to an MP3 player or stereo. CD-quality audio is transmitted up to 30′ over the 2.4GHz band for interference-free listening. Each transmitter plugs into a USB port for charging and works for seven hour

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Relax and chill out


Working in a high pressure office is bound to stress you out occasionally, with this device the stress that makes you feel so down could soon be lifted from your shoulders.

So next time the laptop fails to switch on or even switches off when you are right in the middle of something important, just grab this device and you are in the zone.

Features – Relying on the same breathing techniques taught in yoga for relaxation and stress reduction, the relaxation coach takes a pulse reading from your thumb or earlobe and instantly develops a rhythmic breathing sequence for you t

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The ideal portable partner


You have the laptop so that means you can work just about anywhere that you like, but what about all of those other bits and pieces such as paperwork and so on?

Just for that purpose, this device has a complete set of office tools that are all packed away into a neat little pack the size of a credit card.

What’s included – Stapler, Hole punch, One meter ruler, Precision scissor, Ballpoint pen, Screwdrivers (+/-), Screwdriver socket, Staple remover, Storage space for paper clips. Priced at $14.99.

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Convert cassette music to Mp3


There has to be plenty of people that still have cassettes with their favourite tunes on, but as they get older the chances of them being chewed up in the car cassette or other device increases and once the tape is chewed up that’s it, game over!

However, this handy portable device will help the user to preserve their music collection while still having the benefit of being able to listen to the music on their Mp3 player.

Features – The compact unit also operates as a standard cassette recorder with all the expected functions (record, play, rewind, fast forward, pause,

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Directors chair in a bag


It is ok having a highly portable laptop, but try using it standing up. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, so the solution is simple a portable chair to accompany the laptop.

This is a chair that can be carried around in the messenger style bag that’s supplied and within seconds can transform into a steady directors chair ideal for checking emails etc or making that important VoIP call.

Features – Easier to transport than the bulky sacks that accompany lesser models, the chair’s messenger bag straps over a shoulder and across the chest for simple, h

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Combining Golf and Laptops


It is not that often that you are able to combine the sport that you love and your laptop. Unless your sport is something unmentionable!

So this plug and play golf simulator allows you to play a quick round of golf or just a hole during your break, how is that for stress busting?

Included in with the set is the EA Sports, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 software and know how good that is.

Features – The included EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 software visually renders your shots on a PC or television as you negotiate faithful reproductions of world-renowned golf co

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Clean laptops the easy way


If you could see under the keyboard of your laptop, you would probably wear gloves next time you went on it.

So in order to prevent the spread of disease or other nasties then it the laptop should be cleaned thoroughly every now and then, so how do you do that?

Check out this great cleaning putty, it is like a kid’s toy that you put onto any surface where it removes everything that is nasty etc.

Product Features – High-tech compound specifically designed to clean your electronics without damage, Simply press into crevices in your devices and peel back to capture

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