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The Robot Sentry


With this fully mobile device and a laptop the user would be able to monitor their home or business from anywhere in the world, after all there must nothing like witnessing your home being robbed when you are a few thousand miles away!

But apart from the initial distress at least you could inform the local police and hopefully witness the culprits being arrested, now that has to be worth watching from the comfort of your sunbed.


It operates for two hours from its rechargeable battery which draws power from the included recharging base (the sentry can locate it

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Its spring cleaning time


When it gets to this time of the year, it is normally the time when people clean up. This also includes computers and other technology items too. But cleaning computers is not the easiest thing to do as they can be damaged fairly easily.

This putty stuff is ideal for getting all of those tiny bits and pieces out of the computer keyboard, after there are some terrible things lurking underneath and around those keys.

Product Features

•High-tech compound specifically designed to clean your electronics without damage

•Simply press into crevices in your devices an

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Laptop logos!


Change the look and feel of your laptop with these serious stickers, they look like the ones that you get on a computer when you first buy them, but when you have a closer look they say something completely different to what you would expect. They are funny and cool, express yourself in style.

Choose from one of twelve designs:

•Think Geek (black on brushed metal),

•Tux (black and orange on white),

•Beer (yellow and white on brushed metal),

•Linux Inside (blue on brushed metal),

•Frag (white on black),

•42 (black on brushed metal)

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Gamer’s glasses


If you are spending too long on computers then your aching eyes will be the first warning of something going wrong with your eyesight and to be perfectly honest there cannot be anything much worse than that for a serious gamer or computer user.


•Glasses specifically designed to reduce computer-related eyestrain

•Five different styles – Edge Onyx, Edge Ash, Weezer Onyx, Marley Mercury, and Rocket Mercury

•Black and brushed aluminium finishes

•diAMIX lens material – a custom blended proprietary polymer, which beats out polycarbon

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How to improve your posture


Posture is one of those things that can really affect computer users, anyone that knows about this sort of back and shoulder problem first hand, will understand how painful this sort of problem can be.

Yet it can be sorted out fairly easily by improving posture while sitting for a long time and that may sound harder than it actually is. A seat like this ball shape will help you sit properly and immediately improve posture.

Features – The polyester mesh outer layer houses a 16″ diam. exercise ball–the same kind used by personal trainers and gyms for core stren

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Work in an office you need a CHIMP


This is a simple device that will warn you when someone is walking up behind you, which is essential intel when it’s your boss and you are doing something on the computer that you should not be, playing games I mean!

Features – A mirror with the word C.H.I.M.P. on it.

(C) himp

(H) as

(I) nvincible

(M) onkey

(P) owers

Convex mirror (3 inches diameter) fits easily on either corner of your monitor with accompanying Velcro. In stylish black (white no longer available).

Priced at $7.99 was $9.99 (save 20%)

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Portable Drum Kit


During the Christmas party or even when the boss hands out some award or something and asks for a theoretical drum roll, with this USB powered kit you could oblige.

This kit rolls up so it is easily concealable and transportable, it could be your passport to fame or if your boss in not the humorous type then it could also be the door.

Features – Each of the six sensor pads may be programmed with different effects, enabling you to customize your set up for a cymbals-heavy rock or djembe-dominant African feel. The software’s intuitive interface provides control over

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ICD Ultra as seen on TV


Tablets don’t seem to be getting the amount of publicity that they should deserve, but sometimes one comes along and people simply cannot leave alone, the ICD Ultra Tablet is that device.


It was seen on the Jimmy Fallon Show and we have included some video footage for your enjoyment.

Full specs below:

Android 2.0 Éclair

186mm x 158mm x 18mm

7 inch Touch screen


512 DDR / 512 NAND

1.3 MP Web Cam

4GB Internal SD (non removable)

Micro SD

Bluetooth 2.1

Wireless 802.11 b/g

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Space saving desk


This is the sort of thing that you would expect to see in a science fiction movie, but it can also be something the person who has everything might put on their Christmas present list!

It is cool looking, but it may be slightly uncomfortable after a long time on the laptop, but then again someone that can afford $7,000 may not have to be a slave to the machine like the rest of us!

Features – The foam-moulded seat swivels 180°, and is padded and luxuriously upholstered in leather, placing users 1 1/2′ from the base for comfortable, relaxed reclining while working.

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Free greetings card from Asus


If you never registered for the Asus 1 Gb web storage offer when you bought your machine, then maybe you think about it now, because to add a little Xmas cheer to the season Asus has teamed up with to provide you with a better way of creating greetings cards.

 It’s simple to get started just go to the website and take it from there no account required just use the

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