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PC Diagnostics Made Easy


Sometimes working out what is wrong with your computer is so hard that you may as well throw a dice to work out what is wrong with it, which is lucky because these dice do exactly that and before long your sick PC or Laptop will be up and running once more with no problems at all, right? Maybe!

Features of the excellent diagnostic dice device:

•Three acrylic dice

•Packaged in an attractive felt bag

•Each die shows the problem, the culprit, and the proposed solution

•Likely just as accurate as a real diagnosis* * – but not really


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The Bluetooth Caller ID Watch


Get this watch and while your cell phone is safely tucked away, you will be alerted via Bluetooth as to who is calling you.

The watch has a neat little LED display that acts as the caller ID, that way when the phone rings you simply have to look at the watch to see whose calling instead of fumbling around in your bag or pocket.

Product details of the Bluetooth watch with caller ID display:

•Displays caller name and/or number on screen (some phones only display number)

•A text icon will appear when receiving text message (please note – this feature only

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Handy Microscope Wand


This handy device just shows how far this technology has come, there would have been a time when something like this is would have been out of the reach of the ordinary computer user.

Now students and hobbyists can use this device as part of their work or studies, it is a great little piece of kit that is around the size of pen and simply plugs into the USB port to offer anything from 10x to 200x magnification.

Features of the USB powered wand microscope:

Its 7mm optics provides 10X – 200X magnification; a built-in LED illuminates your subject while its manual foc

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Drum and Bass in the Office


Occasionally anyone who works in an office is going to reach that time when they are either waiting on the phone or generally just bored that is when the finger tapping starts, you know it actually gets to the point where you don’t even know how bad it is or in that case how loud it is.

However, who cares, it is your desk space you can do what you like! In fact, if you want to take it even further with this finger drum mouse pad. Instead of finger, tapping it is now possible to bang out a tune using the eight different percussion sounds.

Features of the electronic finger dru

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Annoy Someone Today


How about messing with a colleagues head today by simply placing this flash drive looking device into the USB port and sit back while they struggle away with a computer that appears to have a mind of its own.

The device will randomly move the pointer, turn the caps lock on & off and even type random text & phrases, as you can imagine this device can be really annoying as it is supposed to be!

Product Features of the Phantom Keystroker V2:

•Attach this evil prank device to your victim’s computer and it makes random mouse movements and types out odd garbag

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Check out the Wi-Fi analyser


Naturally, this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and possibly, there may not be any reason for using something like this at all. However, for those people that like to analyse the Wi-Fi networks and indeed record the results in graphs and in data for later use. It looks professional and it will of course, allow the user to check out interference and problems with the wireless network.

Features of the Wi-Fi spectrum analyser:

•Increased frequency and amplitude resolution

•Helps you identify Wi-Fi interference (802.11 b/g/n, microwave ovens, cordless phones,

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Free Command and Conquer Games


One of the things about a netbook is not being able to play any decent games, but that is modern games. If you go for something lighter, playing games on the way to work or college is now a reality just check the video out.

You can get your hands on the Command and Conquer series that includes: Red Alert, Tiberian D

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Netbook DIY matte finish


There cannot be anything worse than a netbook with smudges and fingerprints all over the top, especially if it is a glossy black finish.

The solution to this is comparatively simple as a user on Eeeuser called Sharkexe has demonstrated in the images.

What they have done is got hold of a roll of that matte

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Wanna WOOGA?


As far concept designs go this one from NAK Designs is probably one that could actually make it to the shop floor and despite first impressions it is not a laptop or netbook, take a closer look!

The details are in the name WOOGA stands for Work or Game; believe me it is in there somewhere!

So what is the WOOGA? Basically it is a device for placing an

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Keeping gadgets clean


Computers and laptops are notorious for collecting dust, anyone who has taken off the cover of a laptop or base unit will be shocked at what they find, in a lot of cases it is a wonder how the computer kept running with all of the extra filling inside.

The easiest way to keep the inside of a computer dust free is with clean air and this is where the Ninja comes in handy. It offers a pressurized air duster to force those little invaders right out of every hidden space.

What the Ninja can be used for:

NINJA arrives in a 10 ounce can and is non-flammable. Recommended For :

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