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The Mini Monitor


Anyone that is looking for extra screen space can quickly and easily install this seven inch display via the USB port.

It is easy to install and can be used for instant messaging, widgets and even email, its has a great price and will make all of your friends green with envy.

Here are the specs and features of the lilliput mini USB monitor:

•Small monitor runs completely off of USB, giving you an extra mini display whenever and wherever you need it.

•No extra power needed. The Lilliput monitor is powered by USB.

•No extra video card. The Lilliput has

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Don’t Get Stressed Out


Stress at work can be a real problem for some people and if it went too far, then who knows what could happen! However, never fear, there are gadgets such as this stress relieving ball that you keep squeezing until the tension passes and you end up back to normal.

Once plugged into the USB port, a squeeze on the ball will alter the display on the computer in reflection on how the ball is being squeezed.

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Seventy Card Reader


Card readers come in handy when checking out the contents of that old memory card that has been lying around in your desk drawer or maybe you find an old camera or phone with a card still inside, with all of these possibilities there is a need for a serious memory card reader and this is one of those.

This device is capable of reading around seventy memory cards and microSD cards, this is an essential tool for anyone involved in the media, and it makes life so much easier.

Here are the features and specs of the ultimate card reader:

Its six slots support 23 CompactFlash

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Some Great Glowing Stickers


Using a laptop in the dark can be a little bit difficult and the potential for the odd typo or two increases. However, with the glowing keyboard stickers the laptop user is no longer thumbling around looking for the right keys.

Here are the features and specs of the Glowing Keyboard Stickers:

•High quality fluorescent print reflects any ambient source – no matter how small.

•Eases eye fatigue while typing in low-light levels.

•Matte surface that is pleasant to touch.

•Easy to apply – just peel and stick (yet allows for a clean full remo

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Colourful Laptop Headphones


Why bother fiddling around tiny headphones and ear buds to listen to music with, when you can go all the way with some serious headphone power that come in cool colours and offer the consumer some serious ear splitting sound (sounds worse than it is).

These headphones can be used in conjunction with a laptop, cell phone or any mobile music player, they look groovy and feel comfortable because of the special ear cushioning, what more could a music fan want?

Here are the specs and features of the urbanears headphones:

•Excellent sounding headphones with built-in microph

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PS3 Laptop Modification


This is an interesting modification, it sort of combines a PS3 and laptop, yes I know that sounds like the impossible dream and in reality, it is, because although the modification appears to have worked they seem to have left the laptop part out, and I thought my dreams had been answered!

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Like Pets But Lack Commitment


A lot of people like pets, like dogs and cats especially if they live on their own, the company can make a lot of difference to the way the some people relax.

However, pets do take a lot of commitment, they require regular feeding and exercise and not everyone can offer this. So this is w

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Have Some Fun At Work


Messy around with a colleagues computer is the best thing ever, and this phantom keystoker device makes the process some much easier. Simply connect the computers USB port and the fun begins.

The device will toggle caps lock, scrambled text and even random mouse movements, it can be very annoying and funny at the same time.

WARNING: The Phantom Keystroker never hits the return key and it never clicks the mouse button. However, you should not use it on anyone’s system who is doing critical work where disruption could cause serious consequences. The Phantom Keystroker is a

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Tiny Wireless Speaker Transmitters


To get an idea of the size of these speaker transmitters you need to get hold of a matchbox, put it up onto one of the ends and that is about the size of the device!

Its small but the sound it produces is as big as your speakers which can now be placed anywhere in the home, office or main room as they have an effective range of about thirty feet.

Features and specs of the mini wireless speakers:

Simply plug one device into your home entertainment centre, television, computer, MP3 player, or any source with a 3.5mm audio jack. The other plugs into headphones or your ster

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The Commodore Returns


During the eighties it was Sinclair, Acorn, Apple and Texas Instruments that set the computing world on fire and then the Commodore 64 came in a took the home market by storm, it was affordable and more importantly it had plenty of software to keep users interested.

Now it seems that the Commodore Keyboard Computer could be on its way back if Barry Altman, President and CEO of Commodore USA has his own way. After spending a lot of time and cash working through the red tape brigade, it looks as if the Commodore is about to dock one more!

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