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Share computer content with the TV


This may not sound too impressive as we have been connecting out laptops and computers to the TV via the handy HDMI connection for some time, but what makes the Veebeam device different is that it is wireless! It is easy to set up and avoids extra set top boxes etc. Some now with this inexpensive device any content can streamed straight to the TV, which is cool for watching the latest YouTube videos etc.

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The USB Cellphone Booster


This is a nice and neat little device that offers the chance to boost the local cellphone signal. Simply plug the device into the USB port of the laptop and suddenly the user should see an immediate increase in the signal strength of the phone.

There must be at least one bar of signal in the first place, but this could increase by two to three bars once the device is activated.


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Wi-Fi signal T Shirt


Finding a decent Wi-Fi signal can be a bit of hit and miss affair, sometimes it can be strong in places and few feet to the side, it can be a lot weaker. Therefore, this T Shirt takes the strain out of attempting to find a nice and clear signal; the only issue is that everyone else will see that the signal is strong from animated graphic on the front of your T Shirt unless you are walking long with head hung low. It is good though because this is not the sort of clothing that everyone will wear, so your fellow geeks will appreciate your signals!

These are the features for the brillia

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USB powered cellphone signal booster


Sometimes getting a cellphone signal in your home can be difficult and occasionally impossible, but there things that can be done to help improve this and a simple USB device such as this one can make all of the difference.

This device plugs into the USB port and immediately boosts the cellphone signal by around two to three bars, which is very impressive, it comes with a fifteen feet long wire in order to find the best place to put the antenna and boost the signal in that area.

Here are the details and features of the USB cellphone booster:

•USB powered device boosts

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Wi-Fi Surprise For The iPad


One of the best ways of measuring popularity is by monitoring how much a service or product is being used and when it comes to Wi-Fi, there is no better place to check than an airport!

So according to Boingo the number one provider of Wi-Fi hotspots in airports throughout the US, the iPad has raced up the table and now sits in the number two position of the most popular device other than a laptop using Wi-Fi at the airport.

Of course, the number one place is still help by the

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The world’s smallest router


Just because you are travelling around it does not mean that you have suffering from rubbish internet connections, most places will offer a Wi-Fi service but it is never going to be that great is it. So that leaves connecting to the internet by wire, it is good but not good enough.

However, connect this wireless router to the wired internet service and bingo! Now you have got a great internet service wherever you want it and with no cables dragging around the floor either.

Specifications of the mini 300 Mbps wireless travel router:

•Wi-Fi compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g

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Check out the Wi-Fi analyser


Naturally, this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and possibly, there may not be any reason for using something like this at all. However, for those people that like to analyse the Wi-Fi networks and indeed record the results in graphs and in data for later use. It looks professional and it will of course, allow the user to check out interference and problems with the wireless network.

Features of the Wi-Fi spectrum analyser:

•Increased frequency and amplitude resolution

•Helps you identify Wi-Fi interference (802.11 b/g/n, microwave ovens, cordless phones,

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Wireless audio system


It is hard to realise the size of these tiny devices, but if you think of a matchbox then you are going to be close and that is small for a wireless device!

These are tiny transmitters, one plugs into the Laptop, TV, music system, Mp3 or in fact any device with a 3.5 mm audio jack, the other is where the headphones or speakers are connected.

Once everything is in place then the user is able to walk around using headphones or place the speaker anywhere within the thirty feet range of the base unit.

Features of the Hammacher Schlemmer wireless speaker system:

The d

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Asus teams up with Boingo


Some Asus Eee PC will be coming pre-loaded with the wireless connectivity software from Boingo following a deal signed by the two firms.

Boingo is a major player in the Wi-Fi hotspot business, currently a new customer signing up with Boingo will have to pay around $10 per month for the US only service, but Asus buyers can expect a little discount.

The models affected immediately will be the Asus Eee PC 1005PE, 1008P and the 1201N, but Asus are expected to roll this out throughout the range as new models come out.

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The connected Chevy


Top car manufacturer Chevrolet are to offer buyers of new Avalanche, Equinox, Express, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe and Traverse will be able to opt for the Autonet router that provides 3G users with Wi-Fi connection that can possibly provide users with a connection of 1.5 Mbps.

It is not c going to be cheap, although at $29 per month, although the equipment has to be installed through a dealer, normally it would cost $399, but currently it can be ordered for just $199 until the end of the year.

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