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The ultimate in laptop security


If you are in the habit of keeping personal and financial details on your laptop, then the last thing that you want is to lose it as this can cause all sorts of problems.

This safe is similar to those found in hotels; it comes with a digital lock and it wide enough to take a laptop up to nineteen inches wide!

These are the features and specs for the Digital Combination Lock Hotel style Safe;

The digit

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Read any memory card


This is a handy device that is capable of reading around seventy different types of memory card; with that amount, there is no need to keep a selection of different types of reader. To make this even more interesting the device is small too, as it only measures just under four inches in length and two inches wide, so storage and portability is not going to be an issue with this device.

These are the specs for the Universal Memory card reader:

Its six

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Table Made For Laptops


Computer users either have all of their gear on show or hide it away, this table is for those that like to use a laptop, but prefer to hide it away from view when not in use.

The table is fact has dual use, ordinarily it is a standard coffee table, but it is a transformer changing from a harmless table into a laptop desk with adjustable height and storage space too.

Here are the features and specs of the convertible laptop table:

The spring-loaded tabletop gently lifts to 31″ high, slides toward you 15″, and locks into place, enabling you to comfortably work

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How to protect a SATA Hard Drive


It is alright having a couple SATA HD drives hanging around on shelves or in drawers but all of the time they are collecting dust and that damages the device.

So that is where these cases in and there is a little hint of retro in there as they have the look of an old betamax case.

Product Features of the SATA HD Case in the style of a betamax case:

•Store your 3.5″ SATA hard drives in padded comfort

•Thick anti-static plastic case

•Side locking tab holds your drive in tightly

•Front and spine label

•Looks like a Betamax casset

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The Laptop Safe


When you first start university as if the three years ahead were not daunting enough, the fact that you have a roommate can just make the university experience unbearable as the last thing that you don’t want to do is leave your stuff lying around.

But wait, there is this DormVault safe, it is easily fitted and will keep all of your valuables safe and sound, that one worry out of the way then! It’s just the matter of the degree now!

Features of the Dorm Vault Laptop Safe:

•Rugged steel construction

•16″ x 13″ x 5″

•Weighs 9 poun

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Extra file storage


Many computer users have excess files that they would rather keep somewhere else, that’s where this device comes in handy because it uses any old hard drive that you happen to get your hands on.

All you need to do is connect the device to the USB port and then connect the hard drive, these can either be 1.8”, 2.5” or 3.5” or if your are feeling adventurous then you can always add a SATA drive.


Connect USB 2.0 ports to any IDE or SATA drive:

◦3.5″ IDE

◦2.5″ laptop IDE

◦1.8″ micro IDE

◦3.5″ SATA

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External SATA Drive Dock


Ever wondered what to do with your old hard drives? Why use them through this brilliant drive dock, just pop into the toaster style slots and they become usable.

The device connects via a USB connection and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux; the dual drive will take a 2.5 inch or a 3.5 inch drive.

Features – Connects to one or two 2.5″ or 3.5″ internal SATA hard drives, USB or eSATA connectivity, Plug and Play, Transfer rates up to 480Mbps with USB 2.0 and Transfer rates up to 3Gb/s with eSATA. Prices start at $39.99 rising to $77.99.

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The secret laptop sleeve


The danger of carrying around a laptop is that somebody could simply walks past and steals it, knowing full well that it is going to be worth a few hundred dollars as a minimum. Even if you are carry it around with in a sleeve or case, the danger is still there, so what if you were walking around with a tatty old envelope, would that make you a target? Probably not and that is why these laptop sleeves are so handy, hardly anyone is going to think that these are going to be holding a new laptop in.



Turn your laptop into something

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The Century mini laptop dock


The Netbook Stand by century comes with a DVD super multi drive as well as a vacant 2.5 inch SATA bay that can be utilised by the user for whatever user they feel fit. Also included are two USB ports and 4 cm cooling fan that is the little piece sticking up out of the device, it connects to the laptop through a USB cable and is powered by mains electricity through an adapter.


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