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Asus rumour $200 Chrome Netbook


There are always plenty of rumours around over Chrome and netbooks, but this time the rumour appears to have some function behind it. The rumour is that Asus are looking to build a low priced netbook running a cheaper operating system, which would be either Android or Chrome.

Generally netbooks are going to be priced at around $300, but if Asus were to pull this off it could see a netbook hitt

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Eye Control for Laptops


Eye Control sounds like the latest Apple product, but it is in fact an interesting concept that allows the user to control the laptop buy simply just looking at the screen!

The advantages of such an application are obvious, gaming springs to mind, but the Tobii system has been designed to complement the keyboard and mouse rather than replace them.

This is an excerpt from the company̵

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Netbooks get EasyPeasy OS


While the amount of netbooks increase almost every day it seems that the operating systems needed to make these fantastic small computers work.

So what to choose?

Why not have a look at the latest version of the EasyPeasy Operating System software; it can be downloaded from here.

Here are the specs and features of the EasyPeasy Netbook OS

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Free Command and Conquer Games


One of the things about a netbook is not being able to play any decent games, but that is modern games. If you go for something lighter, playing games on the way to work or college is now a reality just check the video out.

You can get your hands on the Command and Conquer series that includes: Red Alert, Tiberian D

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Meego from Nokia and Intel


This must be a natural progression for the Linux based Moblin Interface used in many new netbooks and the Linux based operating system as used by Nokia in its Tablet PC’s.

The two systems have been merged to produce on super operating system that is being hosted by the Linux Foundation and the user will be able to make use of the applications available from the Nokia Ovi Store, as well as the Intel AppUp centre.

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The Gold Key Personal Security Key


The Gold Key is something that is easy to use but can make the difference between losing your data and protecting it from unwanted attention. This is the sort of thing the military and security services use to protect sensitive material.

Basically once this is installed, without the key nothing much is going happen on the computer, fortunately for those users that are prone losing to thing you can get a master key too!

Features of the Gold Key Personal Security Key:

•Tiny USB Key with 256bit AES Hardware Encryption

•Encrypts and decrypts files on-the-fly with

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Asus Pine Trail Seen


The latest addition to the Asus range can be found in some

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Kindle for Laptops


The Kindle has been a brilliant success and now laptop users can get their chance to download the some free software from Amazon that allows the user to read ebooks straight off the laptop without having to buy the Kindle.

The user gets all of the features, such as bookmarking, view notes and in general just make use of the Kindle software.

The Kindle is said to be available next month and will be totally free to download, users will be able to access the library of 360,000 titles.

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Password reminders


These days’ passwords are found everywhere and it is tempting to use the same one for everything but lose that one and you virtually lose everything.

Therefore, it is down to bits of paper, well in this case several sheets of specially prepared paper to store your passwords, but where do you safely store away these pieces of paper?

Features – Each pad measures 6″ x 9″ and has 60 pages (4 passwords per page, for a total of a lot of passwords). Priced at $5.99.

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Apple fixes MacBook hard drive noise


For those customers of Apple who have found that their hard drives have been making more noise than normal, then a fix is on its way. This only affects the computer with MacBook Pros with the 7200 rpm hard drive; these were introduced after June 2009. The hard drive update 2.0 software update is available through the Apple update service or from the Apple support downloads page here.


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