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Cool custom laptop skins


This is a custom design laptop skin, or to be more precise for the Apple MacBook Pro, it is based on the WordPress logo and is produce through the Infectious design your own feature. This is easy to use and costs just $29.99.

The only issue with this design is clearly the complicated cutting out,

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Add Pac Man to your laptop


It seems that Pac Man is still a favourite even after more than thirty years in the public eye, who would have thought that those early computer games with sounds that are so familiar now would still be popular today, well it is and this means opportunities for designers to produce related items such as these laptop decals.

Big Set of Pacs, start creating your own Pac puzzle.

- Each decal is made of

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A touch of wood for the Mac


There is nothing like a bit of wood to completely change the way that the Apple MacBook looks, these are skins that have been handmade from real wood to produce a wonderful looking protective cover for the laptop.

This is a product that is made from sustainable materials and there is even a choice of colours, such as, Cherry, Maple or Walnut, this is a nice way to protect the Mac from scratches etc.

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Maple skin for MacBook


The last thing that the owner of a brand new MacBook is going to want to see is a mark or scratch on the lip, it really ruins yours day and can be bitterly disappointing especially if is it is a mark or scratch that cannot fixed.

The solution to this issue is a skin, this can be applied before any damage has occurred and therefore protect the device from looking tatty. These maple skins cost just $35 and are easily removed if required. They give protection and a little touch of style to the MacBook.

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The touch of wood for Apple


Here is something that can totally transform the look and feel of the Apple MacBook; this version of the skin changes the whole look of the laptop, with a dark grained walnut and ebony style shade. All of these skins are different, this is because they are made from real wood and therefore the grains will be different. It is a great way to personalise a laptop and at the same time protect the cover from damage.

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Protect and enhance the MacBook


Protecting you MacBooks lid from damage can be a full time occupation, it depends on where you leave it of course, but there is always someone who is stupid enough who comes along and puts something on top of your precious device.

These skins however can protect the lid from damage such as scratches and small dents, while at the same time offers the user an interesting wood style look for the computer.

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Get a hand for work


I often find that working a laptop for a long time can give you a bit of an aching wrist; it is just one of those things that you have to put up with along with comments! However, when you find something like this it has to be given go and just because it looks disgusting all the better and you can always place it somewhere convenient like hanging outside of the boot of your car!


Yet this wrist rest is there to help, and whether it does or not is irrelevant, it is just a bit of fun that can really get people going when you want it to.


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Cover your laptop with a Woodie


Laptop skins are very useful, especially if you have just bought a new laptop and want to keep it in tip top condition. Woodie laptop skins are made from real wood and will therefore give any laptop a lift no matter whether it is an Apple, Netbook or Laptop. There are two choices of finish, a rich cherry or beautiful Birch they can be fitted in minutes and removed in seconds without leaving any trace.


The Features of the Birch Woodie Laptop Skin:

Made from actual white birch

Easy to apply and remove

A cool way to instantly ma

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LG and Levi’s partner up

LG and Levi’s partner up.jpg

Sometimes a company comes up with a great idea, on this occasion that means a combination between two top brands LG and Levi, both these firms are top players in their markets and therefore is would seem to be only natural that they work together. So how is that going to work? LG supply the new X120 mini with Levi jean style graphic on the lid, while Levi’s supply the brand logo and a nifty Levi denim pouch for the computer.


Intel Atom N270 processor

1 GB of RAM

160 GB hard-drive

Windows XP


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MacBook hard shell cover from iPearl

MacBook hard shell cover from iPearl.jpg

The hard shell cover from iPearl is made from a DOW polycarbonate material that is shatterproof and therefore very strong indeed, it is able to protect an Apple MacBook from unexpected damage.

Product Features

Made of high-quality USA-made DOW polycarbonate material, which is shatter-proof and will protect your MacBook all around.

Retractable feet on the rear side to let you type more comfortably. It also helps your MacBook to stay cool.

Rubber feet on the front side to prevent from slipping on smooth surface.

2-piece lig

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