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USB powered LED webcam


With six white LED’s this webcam has no problem putting a bit of light onto the subject, it plugs directly into the USB port so therefore no additional power source is required, although it must be remembered that if you are running the laptop on the battery it is going to run down very quickly!

Features of The Self Illuminating Web Camera:

The auto-focusing, 2 MP camera is mounted to a semi-rigid cable that can be bent to any position–even into its own stand. It can capture video at 30 fps at 640 x 480 resolution (as well as 5 fps at 1,600 x 1,200 resolution), providi

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Handy hands free light


Sometimes you find yourself working away on your laptop as the light fads and suddenly you are plunged into darkness, but you are also too busy too busy to get up and turn the lights on or maybe there are no lights if you are outside.

This is where the hands free over the ear light comes in very handy, it runs on just one AAA battery which will give you enough light for around 25 hours!

Features – The LED shines wherever you look for complete hands-free convenience in bed or on a plane. The tight beam is focused by a light guard for glare-free illumination with no spill

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LED Digital webcam for laptop


It makes no difference as to when you connect to the internet with this webcam because it comes with six LED’s that are quite capable of illuminating the area in front of the laptop making it ideal for face to face to calls etc.


Technical Details

USB interface, no external power supply needed

Six bright white LEDs for night vision

Plug and Play Compatible

Built-in microphone

Heavy-duty clip w/ foam pads, will not scratch surfaces it is mounted on

Priced at $9.45

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Flexi laptop light


Even with a laptop display running on full power the light given off is rarely enough to illuminate the keyboard fully when natural light begins to fade. This presents the user with a dilemma stop working or use a USB powered LED light like this one, it offers a flexible casing that can be manipulated into the right position for putting a bit of light on the keyboard.


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