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Clean laptops the easy way


If you could see under the keyboard of your laptop, you would probably wear gloves next time you went on it.

So in order to prevent the spread of disease or other nasties then it the laptop should be cleaned thoroughly every now and then, so how do you do that?

Check out this great cleaning putty, it is like a kid’s toy that you put onto any surface where it removes everything that is nasty etc.

Product Features – High-tech compound specifically designed to clean your electronics without damage, Simply press into crevices in your devices and peel back to capture

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The easy PC diagnosis


These days the a computer problem is a real hair pulling out thing, so why not take all of the trouble out of calling up the helpline and holding up for hours when it’s costing a fortune and let fate decide the outcome of the computer issue.

In many cases, these dice are faster and could even deliver the right answer, just like the real thing!

Features – Three acrylic dice, Packaged in an attractive felt bag, Each die shows the problem, the culprit, and the proposed solution and Likely just as accurate as a real diagnosis* – * – but not really.  Priced at

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Copy up to 25 DVD’s at once


It is easy to make your films and complications these days. However, if you have something that needs copying like a wedding or birthday party for twenty odd people, can you imagine the time that it would take?

Well with this device you do not even need a computer, just insert the DVD that requires copying and make sure that there are enough blank DVD’s in the cassette, within a couple of hours up to twenty five perfect copies will be waiting for you.

Features – Simply place the source DVD(s) in the top tray and blank DVDs in the bottom tray, and this duplicator takes

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DIY Dell Mini 9 Tablet!


Check out this incredible Dell Mini 9 that someone hacked into a mini tablet!  Brilliant!  If you know a little bit about disassembling laptops and hardware, this might be a doable project for you.

The base model is a Dell Vostro A90 (bluetooth, .3mp webcam, 1GB RAM, upgraded 16GB SSD). The touchscreen is the Hoda Technology solderless touchscreen kit.

I started this project back in June, and it was 80% complete then. I took a

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A modern twist


For most computer users email is a way of life, this becomes an issue when we go back to the real world it is sometimes very difficult to relate to old style communications like writing a simple note.

That is why these email notepads are so great, it’s a notepad that but in the style of an email, that way if it is one of those rare occasions when a handwritten note is needed, it can be done in a way that we know best, it’s cool!

Features: Each 4″ x 5.5″ pad of Paper E-mail has enough sheets for 50 paper e-mail messages at a price of just $3.99

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Laptop DIY – How to Install/Replace Laptop Memory!


Installing/replacing laptop memory is actually simpler than most people (who don’t know how) think.  Usually it involves couple screws, back cover, and voila!  You can easily install/replace laptop memory.

Here’s a video on how to install/replace laptop memory for those of you who don’t know how:

Download latest version of Flash to view video!.

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The Electronic Duster


We all know what goes on underneath the keyboard of your laptop, but just in case there is anyone out there that has no idea we will have to help you out. There is a micro universe under those keys where bits of skin, fluids, food and that is just the good stuff!


Under the keyboard is one of the most unhealthy places around and there is heat too! Therefore, what is needed is some good old fashioned air, like this from the Ninja!

Features – NINJA arrives in a 10 ounce can and is non-flammable. Recommended For : Computers • Keyboards

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Netbook Hack – How to Add USB from a Netbook Battery!


Since netbooks these days come with 5 to 10+ hours of battery life, they can be a great source for charging your USB devices.  Of course, if you don’t want to turn on your netbook and charge your USB gadgets, there’s a hack that shows you how to add USB charging ports on an MSI Wind netbook battery.

This hack should be pretty safe as most USB gadgets run on 5VDC, which is practically harmless.

DJ Josef Průša, the author of the

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Laptop DIY – How to Make a Cup-Holder Laptop Stand!

Here’s a rather interesting laptop DIY where Mike has built a laptop stand that will fit perfectly snug in his car’s cup-holder using PVC pipes. This might beat the socks off many in-car laptop stands out there that cost big dollars. Heck, I am gonna go make one this week! Great DIY Mike!

The commercially made units also bolt to the floor and take time and tools to install and remove. I always thought there had to be a better way. One day I had a brainstorm. I figured out a quick and easy way to bui

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Great hack for Asus Eee PC

The are plenty of hacks out there for most laptops, but are there are not many around that introduce useful status LED’s that let you know what is happening with the computer. This could be to indicate charging, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and something that is really cool incoming messages.

The is what the netbook hacker known as Justblair has done, he has added an extra LED to the casing of his Asus Eee PC 901 and wir

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