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Netbook DIY matte finish


There cannot be anything worse than a netbook with smudges and fingerprints all over the top, especially if it is a glossy black finish.

The solution to this is comparatively simple as a user on Eeeuser called Sharkexe has demonstrated in the images.

What they have done is got hold of a roll of that matte

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USB Port fitted to a UMID


One thing that you don’t often see is a full sized USB port installed in a UMID netbook, but that is not going to stop everyone from going without or being forced to use a mini USB port.

The netbook in question is the UMID mBook BZ as we know this has no USB port, but could use one, so why fit it yourself?

It seems from the images that the actual installation process is fairly easy to do, but that of course is going to depend on how technically minded the user is.

The images below will take you through the process, but don’t come running to us if it doesn’t work!

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The Teclast X13 S01


One of the first things that you are going to think about this laptop is that it is an Apple rip, but that of course may not be the intention of Teclast with their X13 S01 laptop. But the similarities are uncanny.

So what does this have to offer?

First of all it comes with 13.3 inch display, 1 cm to 2.3 cm thick, white keyboard, aluminium case and that is about it as further details, prices and availability are a little limited at the moment.

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Keeping gadgets clean


Computers and laptops are notorious for collecting dust, anyone who has taken off the cover of a laptop or base unit will be shocked at what they find, in a lot of cases it is a wonder how the computer kept running with all of the extra filling inside.

The easiest way to keep the inside of a computer dust free is with clean air and this is where the Ninja comes in handy. It offers a pressurized air duster to force those little invaders right out of every hidden space.

What the Ninja can be used for:

NINJA arrives in a 10 ounce can and is non-flammable. Recommended For :

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Its spring cleaning time


When it gets to this time of the year, it is normally the time when people clean up. This also includes computers and other technology items too. But cleaning computers is not the easiest thing to do as they can be damaged fairly easily.

This putty stuff is ideal for getting all of those tiny bits and pieces out of the computer keyboard, after there are some terrible things lurking underneath and around those keys.

Product Features

•High-tech compound specifically designed to clean your electronics without damage

•Simply press into crevices in your devices an

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Laptop DIY – How to Make a Laptop Stand out of a Tray!


You know one of the number one reasons why laptops don’t last more than a year is because you don’t use a laptop stand, especially if the laptop CPU fans are located at the bottom of the laptop.  Most of the older laptops have fans on the bottom (God knows WHY they designed it that way) and if yours does, you might want to consider making yourself one of these laptop stands out of a tray with full air-flow to the bottom of your laptop. (so your laptop lasts

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Courier Hack – How to Make a Dual Touchscreen Notebook!


While Microsoft is still working on their new version of Courier tablet that rumored to feature two touchscreens, someone has just hacked their Dell Mini with touchscreens and an extra LCD display to get a “hacked” Courier.

This might be a good example to follow but one thing for sure, do you really want to carry this around?

My Dell Mini forum member pakkei decided he couldn’t wait for Microsoft to release the Courier and thought he’d make one hi

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DIY Multi Touch Screen Kit


If you shop around a bit you can pick up a netbook for around $200 maybe even less, so how much would a touchscreen netbook cost?

With this kit from Innotech about $320 in total, so long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty or burnt with the soldering iron etc. The kit will work with most brands of 10.1 inch netboo

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Directors chair in a bag


It is ok having a highly portable laptop, but try using it standing up. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, so the solution is simple a portable chair to accompany the laptop.

This is a chair that can be carried around in the messenger style bag that’s supplied and within seconds can transform into a steady directors chair ideal for checking emails etc or making that important VoIP call.

Features – Easier to transport than the bulky sacks that accompany lesser models, the chair’s messenger bag straps over a shoulder and across the chest for simple, h

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Dell Mini 9 Hack – How to Add an Accelerometer!


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This cool Dell Mini 9 Hack involves adding an accelerometer to an existing touchscreen so you can move it sideways and let the screen auto rotate.  We think it’s definitely a good hack worth mentioning on Laptop Pimp, what do you think?

iRotate enables you to use a key-combination to

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