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Netbook Hack – Install OSX on an MSI Wind


Slash Gear has a post on a hack that allows you to get an MSI Wind fully operational with OSX. This little hack makes the Wind the cheapest Mac out there, and with Apple still on the fence about their netbook plans, you might want to scoop up a Wind and get OSX-ing.

This looks like a pretty simple, straightforward hack.

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Wii Hack – the Wii Laptop


This. Is. Awesome.

Take your Wii anywhere with this custom setup. The tiny screen may be a little on the small size, but the idea is big and the results, pretty great. He really did a nice job moding his Wii into a portable system.

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Vista HAck – How to speed up your boot time


Sorry guys, not a ton going on in the laptop world today, so I’m bringing you another video how to.

This one if for all you Windows Vista users out there. Its an easy way to speed up your boot time, which is a nice hack for laptop users to know.

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USB Hack – Save space by running apps on a USB drive


This is an older trick, but I thought it made sense to share it again in the context of Netbooks. Because some netbooks can have pretty limited storage, it might be helpful to install some of your apps on thumb drives and only use them when you need them. This can save room and keep you netbook running faster.

Check it out:

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PDA Hack – How to make a real PDA book.


So the smart guys over at Make have this great video about turning a normal book into a PDA/Laptop sort of contraption.

This looks like a really fun weekend project:

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Eee PC Hack – How to make an iPhone remote for you Eee PC


Check out this great Eee PC hack, which allows you to control an Eee PS with an iPhone. This is a cool hack.

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Mac Hack – How to replace you MacBook Air Hard Drive


Now that Macbook Airs have been out for a while, you might want to replace that hard drive or mess around inside the box. Check out this great video that shows you how to get at your Air’s Hard Drive.

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Laptop Hack – How to turn a Dell laptop into a digital picture frame

Here is a great Laptop How To for anyone that has an old Dell laptop around. Most everyone does, right? Here’s a fake statistic: Most people have gone through two Dells in their lives.

Anyway, someone should give this a try… it looks complex.

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Laptop Hack – How to turn your trackpad into a tablet


Okay, this isn’t the best solution, but it’s a neat hack that cost almost nothing.

The graphic designer in my office loves how drawing tablet, and I always wondered if you could make a trackpad into one. It turns out, it’s pretty simple.

Like I said, it’s sort of rough, but it works.

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Friday Laptop Hack and News Roundup


Hey Gang, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, or a nice Thursday if you don’t celebrate the holiday.

I’m back today with a new hack and some laptop news from around the globe.

The hack today is for all you Mac fans out there. This video will teach you how to use the iPhone as a wireless router anywhere you go. A great tip and excellent hack. You need an

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