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The Bluetooth Caller ID Watch


Get this watch and while your cell phone is safely tucked away, you will be alerted via Bluetooth as to who is calling you.

The watch has a neat little LED display that acts as the caller ID, that way when the phone rings you simply have to look at the watch to see whose calling instead of fumbling around in your bag or pocket.

Product details of the Bluetooth watch with caller ID display:

•Displays caller name and/or number on screen (some phones only display number)

•A text icon will appear when receiving text message (please note – this feature only

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The Teclast X13 S01


One of the first things that you are going to think about this laptop is that it is an Apple rip, but that of course may not be the intention of Teclast with their X13 S01 laptop. But the similarities are uncanny.

So what does this have to offer?

First of all it comes with 13.3 inch display, 1 cm to 2.3 cm thick, white keyboard, aluminium case and that is about it as further details, prices and availability are a little limited at the moment.

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Courier Hack – How to Make a Dual Touchscreen Notebook!


While Microsoft is still working on their new version of Courier tablet that rumored to feature two touchscreens, someone has just hacked their Dell Mini with touchscreens and an extra LCD display to get a “hacked” Courier.

This might be a good example to follow but one thing for sure, do you really want to carry this around?

My Dell Mini forum member pakkei decided he couldn’t wait for Microsoft to release the Courier and thought he’d make one hi

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Dell Mini 9 Hack – How to Add an Accelerometer!


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This cool Dell Mini 9 Hack involves adding an accelerometer to an existing touchscreen so you can move it sideways and let the screen auto rotate.  We think it’s definitely a good hack worth mentioning on Laptop Pimp, what do you think?

iRotate enables you to use a key-combination to

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DIY Dell Mini 9 Tablet!


Check out this incredible Dell Mini 9 that someone hacked into a mini tablet!  Brilliant!  If you know a little bit about disassembling laptops and hardware, this might be a doable project for you.

The base model is a Dell Vostro A90 (bluetooth, .3mp webcam, 1GB RAM, upgraded 16GB SSD). The touchscreen is the Hoda Technology solderless touchscreen kit.

I started this project back in June, and it was 80% complete then. I took a

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Netbook Hack – How to Add USB from a Netbook Battery!


Since netbooks these days come with 5 to 10+ hours of battery life, they can be a great source for charging your USB devices.  Of course, if you don’t want to turn on your netbook and charge your USB gadgets, there’s a hack that shows you how to add USB charging ports on an MSI Wind netbook battery.

This hack should be pretty safe as most USB gadgets run on 5VDC, which is practically harmless.

DJ Josef Průša, the author of the

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Laptop DIY – How to Make a Cup-Holder Laptop Stand!

Here’s a rather interesting laptop DIY where Mike has built a laptop stand that will fit perfectly snug in his car’s cup-holder using PVC pipes. This might beat the socks off many in-car laptop stands out there that cost big dollars. Heck, I am gonna go make one this week! Great DIY Mike!

The commercially made units also bolt to the floor and take time and tools to install and remove. I always thought there had to be a better way. One day I had a brainstorm. I figured out a quick and easy way to bui

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Great hack for Asus Eee PC

The are plenty of hacks out there for most laptops, but are there are not many around that introduce useful status LED’s that let you know what is happening with the computer. This could be to indicate charging, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and something that is really cool incoming messages.

The is what the netbook hacker known as Justblair has done, he has added an extra LED to the casing of his Asus Eee PC 901 and wir

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How to Overclock the Eee PC 1101HA!

It is not the normal thing to worry about, but according to Netbook Italia who recently got their hands on a brand new Asus Eee PC 1101HA and while they were messing around with the machine, they found out something very interesting. It can be overclocked by up to 32%, this makes the processor work faster, and in fact, they believe that it feels like an Intel Atom N270, which is great news.


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Netbook Hack – How to Customize your Acer Aspire One Linux!


TechRadar has some good notes on how to customize your Linux operating system for the Acer Aspire One to make your netbook easier and more fun to use.

Small, efficient devices such as the Acer Aspire One and Asus Eee PC are taking the battle for free software to a different front, bringing Linux to hordes of computer users who don’t know or care about Linux. They just want something that works, and when they try it, they like it.

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