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Lenovo ThinkPad Adapter with USB Hub


The computer maker Lenovo have come up with a simple solution to serious problem, the lack of USB ports in a world where all gadgets appear to be powered through the USB port!

This is the

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In car laptop charger


If there is one place where a laptop could use a charging point, it has to be the car as this is one time when the laptop idle and by topping up the battery every time that user gets in their car. Now the battery will have no problems lasting all day long and will be available as and when it is needed.

The great thing about this charging unit is that once it has been placed into the cars power point, there is a feature that allows other devices to the charged too, although overloading a 12 volt socket in a car cannot be recommended, can it!

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Solar panels for laptops


There was time when a solar panel was only powerful enough to get a calculator going, but technology has improved and research is producing more powerful solar panels that are claimed to be good enough to power a laptop.

According to Intel, currently laptops and other portable devices use a single power source, this can be battery or mains, but the addition of solar panels could extend the life of the battery

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The Lenovo power hub


Deisgned to use with both 90w and 65w ThinkPad laptops the power hub combines a mains power adapter and a USB hub with four ports. This is the ideal companion for the

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One power adapter for all


One thing that has been a pain and in fact still is for most people is the amount of power adapters that seem to accumulate around the work place or home, if only there was one power adapter that fits all, life would be so much simpler, wouldn’t it?

Well maybe one day the main manufacturers will get together and realise that this is the way to go and change their power points to a universal fitting.

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Huge solar charger and battery


At last a solar power charger with enough strength to power a laptop, this is a dream come true! Ever since laptops hit the shelves charging has been an issue, but for just under $200, the battery problem is no longer an issue.

This solar panel provides 20,000 mAH, which I am assured is enough to charge up the laptop battery, how long it will take is another matter, but this is a major step forward in the development of practical solar power that can be used in conjunction with today’s devices and gadgets.

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Comarco recall 500,000 power adapters


The California based electrical manufacturer Comarco is recalling 507,000 faulty laptop power adapters that carry the numbers APA23US-02, APA23US-03, APA23US-04, APA63US-03, APA63US-04, APM62US-03 and APM62US-04, they go under the name Targus Universal Wall Power Adapter for Laptops.

If you bought the Comarco power adapter from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Depot, Stapl

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The Essential Power Converter


It makes no difference how good your laptop battery is, eventually it is going to fade away at this point is when you actually find out if your charger works or not, if it does fine, if it does not then you are in trouble and out of touch.

Here are some features of the 150 Country Travel Power Converter:

It automatically detects incoming voltage up to 2,000 watts (and 240V), converts it to 120-volt AC power, and covers countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Caribbean, and Australia. Best for small appliances such as travel hair dryers, travel steamers, and compact

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Handy Portable Laptop Charger


Sometimes when you are in the car the laptop needs charging, so what can you do about that then? In this situation, you can either cry or make sure that you have a laptop charger that can be plugged into the cars cigarette lighter problem solved!

This is the Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger, it comes with a variety of connection tips that allows it to be used with around nine different makes of Laptop and of course, the invaluable adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter.

Features of the handy Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger:

Half the size and weight of

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New Lightweight Solar Charger


Solar chargers are usually more expensive than it is worth, with some coming in at around $500. That is just too expensive to make solar power practical, but when the price is $150 then that is a completely different story.

The Muzatch solar laptop charger weighs just five pounds and once fully charged, it can go on standby for around 528 hours. However, in order for it to be any good for laptop it would need to be kept in the sun so it is fully charged.

Features of the Muzatch lightweight solar laptop charger:

Weight 4.73 oz (134 g), Battery: Polymer lithium-ion batter

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