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Sharp starts battery recall


Overheating laptop batteries is something that user has become accustomed too, but occasionally the issue can become so serious that the manufacturer has to do something about it! In this case, it looks like Sharp are latest in a long line for computer makers to issue a recall on a battery packs.

It seems like the issue is affecting Sony made batteries, which are prone to short circuit and therefore ca

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No more exploding batteries


We have not heard many stories of exploding laptop batteries recently, but there are lithium-ion batteries still out there in laptop world and so there is always the possibility of one of them exploding.

However, it seems that there could be a solution to the problem as researchers at Cambridge University have been looking into the chemistry involved within the battery using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

This is somewhat technical, but at least they appear to have found what is wrong, it seems to be a build up of fibres lithium on the carbon anodes. This can c

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ASUS UL30A, UL30VT, UL30JT 8-Cell Battery Replacement!


ASUS UL30A, UL30Vt, and UL30Jt replacement battery is now available on eBay for about $90, not a bad deal, which will give you additional 6-10 hours to your already, long-life ASUS laptop.

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150 Country Power Adapter


Laptops, smartphones and cell phones are all great until the battery runs out and then they are useless, for busy people and in the case of an emergency this could be a lifeline, so making sure that the phone is always charged up is essential.

However, the even with the charger travelling abroad means an adaptor, but has which is the right one? This is such a dilemma until this adapter is used; it works with the power points of up t a hundred fifty countries.

Features of the adapter plug good for 150 countries:

The adapter’s plug configures to fit a variety of int

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Battery issues for Windows 7


Following complaints from netbook users that after installing Windows 7 they were experiencing serious battery life issues, Microsoft have announced that they are looking in to the problem.

The issues vary from user to user, but basically what happens is the user installs Windows 7, then they get a message saying that their battery is failing or failed and that they should consider replacing it!

Surprisingly this is not a new issue as it started almost immediately after the release candidate was made available to users.

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Lenovo recalling ThinkPad batteries


Owners of the Lenovo ThinkPad should check out their model on the Lenovo website to check if their laptop battery needs replacing. This issue affects the following ThinkPad models: T60, T61, R60, R61, X60 and X61 laptop series.


According to Lenovo, a limited number of ThinkPad users have reported the following symptoms:

Irreparable damage or battery cannot be ch

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The Targus Universal wall power adapter


A universal wall power adapter comes in very handy especially for travellers who do not want to take all of their original equipment away with them. This device will work with most of the latest laptops from HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Fujitsu.


Product Features

Compatible – Includes 10 interchangeable laptop connectors which support all major brands of laptop computers* up to 17

Smart – Automatically adjusts to meet the specific power requirements of your laptop

Compact &#

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Leather case for Asus Eee PC

Leather case for Asus Eee PC.jpg

Leather cases are in for the Asus Eee PC these days they offer protection and more because the user can walk around with it in a similar manner to how they would have carried a filofax in the eighties. The case has space for memory cards too, which comes in handy.

Technical Details

Slim Fit leather envelope style for your ASUS EEE PC.

Protects yo

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Cta universal laptop travel kit

Cta universal laptop travel kit.jpg

Travel kits come in very handy with laptops, no matter what the size or make there is need for some extra help occasionally with accessories and maybe the odd USB port or two. However, this kit comes with much more than you would expect from a kit including an Ethernet cable. Whatever you want to connect to there is a cable ready and waiting for you.

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

USB Travel Kit Offers Laptop Owners The Best Solution For Connecting All External

Provides four Different Prong Attachments To Connect Any USB Device


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Mini laptop that can run on AA batteries

Mini laptop that can run on AA batteries.jpg

How many times have you seen your laptop run flat and wished that you could simply stick in a couple of batteries and be up and running once more? Well now you can with this innovative idea from North Tec, the Gecko EduBook offers users the choice of running through the AC power line or the batteries and just in case you are wondering, North Tec says that the eight AA batteries will last up to four hours.


Features and specifications listed by NorhTec for the EduBook include:

Processor – Xcore 86 (Vortex86MX SoC) clocked at 1.0GHz

Memory R

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